Is There a Mattress Cover That Kills Bed Bugs?

Is there a mattress cover that kills bed bugs

Bed bugs are a prevalent and annoying issue, particularly when preventing infestations in your mattress. Many people are curious as to whether there is a mattress cover that is both capable of killing and preventing bed bugs.

If you recently bought a mattress, consider using a bed bug mattress cover to shield it from bed bugs. A mattress cover that kills bed bugs is the best way to ensure that your bed lasts a long time and is in excellent condition. So, is there a mattress cover that kills bed bugs? Let’s find out!

What is a mattress protector?

The best mattress cover that kills bed bugs shields your mattress from allergens, spills, pee accidents, stains, and even bed bugs and dust mites while keeping it fresh and clean. A mattress protector is a sheet-like detachable bedding that rests on the mattress. 

One of the most effective methods of keeping your mattress clean is to use a mattress protector, which is very simple to install on your bed and take off in an emergency. Most mattress toppers may also be cleaned and dried in a washing machine; however, read the care label before putting one in your machine. 

The dimensions of mattress protectors and regular mattress sizes are nearly the same. This is because they must suit your bed correctly for you to continue having a peaceful night’s rest. Mattress protectors also vary in depth. Before you hit the “buy” button, ensure your chosen mattress is deep enough by taking measurements. 

Mattress protectors, available in various materials, from cotton to cashmere, can also give your bed an extra luxurious touch and have cooling qualities that appeal to hot sleepers.

Why Is a Mattress Protector Necessary?

The first question that comes across everyone’s mind when purchasing a mattress cover is: Is there a mattress cover that kills bed bugs?

Mattress protectors serve as a shield to protect mattresses from normal wear and tear, whether or not your mattress is completely new or you just want to attempt to extend the lifespan of your present model. Mattress replacements are costly. 

Accidents and spills of liquids do occur, but there are certain mattresses you cannot get wet without running the danger of the fibers suffering severe damage. Water stains can be easily removed from mattresses, and damage can be avoided using a mattress protector.

Do Bed Bug Mattress Liners Work?

Yes, provided that encasement covers are used with them. Unlike encasement coverings, bed bug liners only completely encapsulate a mattress’s surface and sides.

Bed bugs are eliminated by pre-treating liners with permethrin, a pyrethroid. Consider them to be similar to an insecticide-treated fitted sheet. The pesticide is included into the polyester liner fabric during the manufacturing process.

Mattress encasements, unlike liners, do not function if they are torn. Bed insect mattress liners provide a substitute for contact sprays authorized for treating mattress surfaces. When a bed bug comes into contact with a liner, it begins to kill within 72 hours and can continue to kill for up to two years.

Will A Mattress Cover prevent Bed Bugs?

The main purpose of mattress covers is to keep bed bugs off mattresses.

How Do Mattress Covers That Kills Bed Bugs Operate:

  • Covering the Mattress: Cover the mattress completely to stop bed bugs from getting in or out.
  • Blocking Hiding Places: Remove the folds and seams that bed bugs frequently hide in.
  • Monitoring Infestations: Improving bed bug detection and management.

How Long Do You Leave A Bed Bug Mattress Cover On?

For best results, bed bug mattress covers should be kept on for a considerable time.

  • Minimum One Year: Bed bugs can survive for up to a year without food, therefore, leaving the cover on for this amount of time will guarantee that any trapped bugs will eventually die.
  • Continuous Use: As a precaution, many decide to leave the cover on forever.

Is There A Mattress Cover That Kills Bed Bugs?

Superior mattress coverings for bed bugs are made to be resistant to bed bugs.

  • Factors Affecting Effectiveness: 
  • Cover Quality: Low-quality covers might not offer total protection.
  • Suitable Fit: A loosely fitting cover may allow bed bugs to enter or escape. 
  • Wear and Tear: It’s crucial to check the cover regularly for holes or tears.

How to select a mattress cover that kills bed bugs?

Contrary to mattress encasements, mattress protectors can help avoid bedbugs. If you do have an infestation, having a protector will make it easier to get rid of them. 

To ward off bed bugs, try to choose a mattress protector with tightly woven yet breathable fabric. This will prevent bed bugs from getting in while also preventing you from overheating at night. 

Additionally, ensure that the mattress protector you select can be washed in a washing machine and dried at an extremely high temperature.

These days, many box springs and mattress encasements designed expressly to ward off bed bugs are available on the market. Furthermore, there are few differences among the leading brands in the industry. 

So, which one ought you to pick? You should, however, insist on specific requirements from any policy you purchase. Beyond that, it comes down to individual taste.

These are the essentials:

  • Bite-proof, entry-proof, and exit-proof bed bugs
  • Encasement on six sides (some protectors may not completely enclose the mattress)
  • Particular focus is placed on the zipper design to guarantee that it zips all the way and stays closed.
  • Tight zipper teeth that are too tiny to provide bed bugs a way out
  • Features of construction that resist tearing
  • Water-resistant
  • Material that breathes
  • Available in the necessary size for pillows, box springs, and mattresses
  • If necessary, sizes are available for cribs, toddler beds, and thick, deep-pocket mattresses.
  • Minimum of two years warranty

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Will a mattress cover get rid of bed bugs?

A mattress cover can eradicate bed bugs already present by securing them within and preventing them from feeding on you at night. However, bed bugs are small. Their flat forms allow them to slip into cracks with ease. Invest in a mattress cover with reinforced seams and a zipper.

How can I eradicate bed bugs from my mattress for good?

Use a steamer if you find bedbugs hiding in couches, beds, or other areas. Stuff contaminated goods into black bags and store them in a constrained machine or outdoors on a hot day that exceeds 95°F (35°C). Sealed-up bugs might take two to five months to die in colder climates

What odor repels bed bugs?

Blood orange, paraffin, silicone, and spearmint oils seem to be the best essential oils for keeping bed bugs away, but they are not very successful.

What natural cure will quickly eradicate bed bugs?

Hot water washing. It has been demonstrated that killing bed bug eggs and getting rid of bed bugs lurking in clothes and linens can be accomplished by regularly washing in hot water and drying at a high heat level in your dryer (following the instructions provided by the manufacturer).

Is camphor effective against bed bugs?

Certain characteristics make camphor an effective all-natural pesticide. Apply camphor to get rid of insects, including mosquitoes, bed bugs, and ants.

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