Unraveling the Avocado Mattress Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

Avocado Mattress Lawsuit

On April 28, 2023, a lawsuit was filed against Avocado Mattress. According to the proposed class action avocado mattress lawsuit, Avocado Mattress LLC misrepresented the absence of synthetic chemicals and hazardous ingredients in all its latex goods, including latex mattresses.

Plaintiffs Akeem Pina and Richard Roberts filed the 57-page complaint on behalf of themselves, and anybody else they believe is impacted by the purportedly deceptive advertising and false statements that Avocado Mattress employs only 100% certified organic and non-toxic components in their finished goods.

On August 11, 2023, the class action Avocado mattress lawsuit was dismissed.

A Brief Overview of the Avocado Mattress Lawsuit

Avocado Mattress presents its products as organic, natural, and devoid of synthetic or harmful elements. However, a California class action lawsuit contends that these allegations are false. 

Based on laboratory research, plaintiffs Akeem Pina and Richard Roberts assert that Avocado used dangerous, synthetic chemicals to make its latex mattresses, pillows, and toppers, which goes against what Avocado states in its advertising. The plaintiffs contend that these latex goods’ “knowingly deceptive” nature has infringed the California Consumers Legal Remedies Act.

Claim of Avocado Mattresses

Avocado takes great satisfaction in providing organic goods devoid of harmful substances, including their Avocado Green mattress, latex mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers.

Nearly all the top environmental organizations, including Made Safe, GreenGuard Gold UL, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), and others, have certified every one of their mattresses.

According to these certifications, avocado mattresses are free of hazardous materials and other compounds that could endanger people or the environment. Additionally, the avocado mattress company ensures that every step of the production process—from harvest to manufacture to finished product—is closely supervised and that all raw ingredients are obtained from its farms.

The Claim of the Plaintiffs

Richard Roberts and Akeem Pina are Avocado’s plaintiffs in this lawsuit. They request reimbursement for themselves and American customers who purchased certain Avocado Mattress latex goods.

The plaintiffs in the Northern District of California are requesting a jury trial. Charges that Avocado is facing in court against the avocado mattress complaints are:

  1. A class action lawsuit alleging deception, fraud, and/or misrepresentation
  2. The Consumer Legal Remedies Act has been violated.
  3. Deceptive marketing
  4. Irresponsible fabrication
  5. Unlawful, dishonest, and misleading business practices
  6. Unfair financial gain
  7. Violation of the agreement.

Is there currently any truly ‘natural’ mattress?

Certain chemicals are so harmful that even very low concentrations can negatively impact consumers, employees, the environment, or both. Even though other chemicals have greater potential for harm, they can be considered a fair trade-off if they allow the production of goods like latex mattresses, which are generally far healthier and more environmentally friendly than mattresses made of pure polyurethane foam.

Your risk tolerance will determine where you draw the line. However, in the case of Avocado and other businesses, it can also come down to how accepting you are of advertising that downplays the difficulties involved in producing latex while presenting the goods as pure, hygienic, and natural.

GOTS prohibits many dangerous compounds outright, even for the 5% of non-organic elements permitted in finished goods. Since GOTS does not test items, an organic certification may be granted for a product even if it does not meet the requirement.

Similarly, there is no need for product testing for MadeSafeTM certification. Rather, to receive either certification, businesses must be open and honest about the substances and raw materials they utilize in product creation. And there’s an additional disclaimer with MadeSafeTM. Companies are given some leeway under the certification, which states:

“Some substances may have category-specific allowances or technically unavoidable content, in which case either additional testing or threshold requirements may apply.”

Thus, this might be relevant to the chemicals Avocado and other mattress manufacturers utilize in creating their natural latex mattresses.

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Why is Avocado the only mattress company involved in this lawsuit, not others?

Avocado functions somewhat differently from most mattress firms, which could be why it is being sued while other “natural” mattress companies continue to operate normally.

In the mattress industry, Avocado has the most vertically integrated supply chain. It controls every facet of manufacturing because it co-owns the processing facilities, organic cotton co-ops, and rubber tree plantations. As the lawsuit points out, Avocado cannot argue that it was unaware of the toxins in its mattresses.

The majority of other mattress producers purchase pre-made latex slabs and outsource the production of latex. They have plausible deniability regarding the chemicals employed in latex processing.

The current situation

Examine your warranty if you still need to figure out your Avocado mattress. They can be returned if there is still a trial time left on certain of their products. For instance, Avocado’s Green mattress returns are accepted for up to a year following the date of purchase following a 30-day trial period. Avocado claims that Family Promise, a homeless charity, repurposes 90% of its mattress returns and gives the mattresses to needy people. But, it’s wise to proceed cautiously when dealing with labels such as “organic” and “sustainable.”

It’s wise to conduct research before purchasing any product because it might take time to determine whether a brand is truthful and open. Examine the opinions of professionals before expressing judgment.

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FAQs About Avocado Mattress lawsuit

Is formaldehyde present in Avocado mattresses?

Avocado has achieved GREENGUARD Gold certification for its products. All its mattresses and other items are free of formaldehyde, fulfilling the Gold Standard for Furnishings, Finishes, and Building Materials.

What happens to avocado mattresses that are returned?

Returned goods are donated to homeless shelters and other charitable organizations.

Who is the Avocado mattress owner?

Avocado Green Brands owns Avocado Green Mattress. In 2015, Jeff D’Andrea, Dan D’Andrea, Jay Decker, and Mark Abrials cofounded Avocado Mattress®.

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