The Ultimate Buying Guide To Induction Stove : Everything You Need To Know (2023)

Are you considering buying an induction stove? Are you confused about what to choose? Then this Buying guide to Induction Stoves would be a perfect help. Understanding more about induction stoves would be a great way to experience them better. Buying an induction cooktop would be easy once you read the induction cooktop buying guide in India.

buying guide to induction stove

Early we used to cook using stones and wood, later we were confused about whether to use a gas stove or Induction Cooktop, but now Induction stoves have become people’s choice with the evolution of technology. New technologies lead to innovations, one such innovation is the induction stove relieving us from the stress of booking gas every month. Let’s see what to look for in the induction stove buying guide.

Before Going Into Buying Guide to Induction Stove, Let’s Talk More About it.

Induction cooktops work on electricity. They are very efficient, quick and safe. Occupies less space and easy maintenance when compared to other cooktops. Being portable, it’s travel friendly. This induction cooktop buying guide India is very informative and helps you choose the best inductions. Induction cooktops the heat energy is generated with help of magnetism via coil of wire into cookware.

As AC current flows through the coil creates a magnetic field which induces resistive electric current flow into cookware through which heat is  generated. As this induction stove buying guide helps in understanding various induction stove features before considering buying.  The magnetic field produced gets projected to 1-3 cm which doesn’t harm the users. In some cases the induction cooktops contain anti-magnetic walls that ensure safety from any magnetic radiation for the user. Easy to install and use.

induction cooktop buying guide India

Induction cookware is made up of conductive and ferromagnetic material. Hence food is cooked by generated heat. Being very affordable and having various benefits, it is being widely used nowadays.We can use them anywhere in the home as they are portable , specific ventilated areas are not required.Buying an induction cooktop starts with an induction cooktop buying guide India.

As they are highly efficient in operation they are worth investing in ! 

Our Picks : 5 Best Induction Cooktop models with the Deciding Tag – How To Choose Best Induction Cooktop?

S. No. Induction Stove NameTag Link
1 Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100 Watt Cooktop Best Overall PerformanceBuy Link
2Prestige PIC 20 1600 Watt CooktopSafe and Easy to CleanBuy Link
3Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800 Watt CooktopPower EfficientBuy Link
4Usha Cook Joy (3616) 1600-Watt CooktopEasy to UseBuy Link
5Amazon Basics 1900 Watt CooktopValue for MoneyBuy Link

1. Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100 Watt

Best Induction Cooktop 2022
Philips Viva Collection Cooktop

2. Prestige PIC 20 1600 Watt

Best Induction Cooktop 2022
Prestige PIC 20 Cooktop

3. Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800 Watt

Best Induction Cooktop 2022
Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise Cooktop

4. Usha CookJoy (3616) 1600 Watt

Best Induction Cooktop 2022
USHA CookJoy Cooktop

5. Amazon Basics 1900 Watt

Amazon Basics Cooktop

Factors Needed To Be Considered In Guide To Buy Induction Cooktop | How to Select Induction Stove?

See the induction stove features to look for before purchasing an induction.

1. Easy Maintenance

Cleaning is made easy by wiping with damp cloth followed by dry cloth. Incase of hard residues or heavy stains you can use a scrubber or sponge to clean them before wiping with damp cloth. There are specialised induction top cleaning sprays in the market. As the induction cooktop remains cool, there is no worry of baking up spilled foods. Cooking many dishes only on one cooktop can accumulate grease on the controls making it less likely to respond to touch. This can be prevented by proper usage and maintenance.

Easy Clean Stove

2. Cooktop Sizes VS Cooking Zones 

An induction top can have 1, 2, 3,4,5 zones. One of the most important features one has to look for in induction cooktop buying guide India. Depending on your usage you can choose how many zones you need according to your requirements. The cooktop with size of 90 cm can accommodate five zones, while with 70-75 cm can make space for four zones. This would be a better choice for someone who cooks more often otherwise for those who cook often less  then compact portable induction would be great. 

Cooking zones with larger diameter can handle larger cookware better. Cooking zones with larger diameter can handle larger cookware better.Too many zones make the cooking space a little cramped, creating inconvenience to access the controls.  Must consider features in the guide to buy induction cooktop before you choose to buy an induction cooktop with flexible cooking zones and cooktops  from small to extra large. Most induction cooktops are well defined with clear sizes of cookware that suits specific cooking zones. 

stove sizes vs stove cook area

3. Design Features 

Framed or edgeless design both have advantages and disadvantages in their ways. Like in the case of framed designs, it builds up grease and residues and contains spilled food, whereas edgeless design can be easily broken in case of heavy load is kept or fallen onto it. Well the prices differ with features and style and type of cooktops as mentioned in induction stove buying guide. To make your work easy we have already curated Top 5 Best Induction Cooktop list to help you choose better.

They may range from small stand alone portable inductions to built-in induction countertops and portables depending on your personal choice and space in the kitchen. This induction cooktop buying guide India can walk you through the process of choosing the right one. 

4. Control Panel 

This guide to buy induction cooktops helps you understand these option settings for cooking. These can be rotating knob control or press button control or touch sensor controls. Induction cooktop buying guide India is a great tool to get started. Touch panels are kind of more expensive than press button control panels. Control panels display power settings, temperature settings, preset settings depending on the various models. 

It shouldn’t be close to the element. One must make sure the temperature or power interval settings as well. It would be even better if power or temperature intervals are less, enabled to slightly increase or decrease, it enables effective regulation and user friendly too or even starts with low interval settings by default would be a plus. 

5. Temperature Settings

Choose to get one with temperature adjustable control ranging from 140-400°F. LED flames give visual interpretation about intensity of heat. Able to control temperature settings with precision ranging from low temp to high temperature.Food warming feature helps to warm food instead of cooking it ,as it operates at a lower temperature setting and this can also be done by residual heat. 

Auto heat up lets the cooking zone heats up to a higher temperature setting then automatically turns into preset settings after a certain period of time. Everyone wants to choose the best induction cooktop, so keep this induction cooktop buying guide India in mind before you pick out a new induction. 

Booster feature: Feature that also works similar to auto heat up.

Overflowing control: it acts as protection against overflows. This is one of the considerable features to look for in the induction stove buying guide. When liquid or food spills overflow, then induction beeps and shuts down, after the spill is cleaned one can begin their cooking back again.

6. Power Features

Induction cooktops have varied power range from minimum of 1500W to maximum of 2100W with same temperature output. The port must be connected to an electric socket with an electrical outlet of  220-240V . It consumes less power than any other electric appliances like electric iron or water heater. It is economically beneficial too. Just like power is a must for induction, Induction cooktop buying guide India is also a must for induction purchase.

Most inductions and induction cookers come with different power levels that can be adjusted accordingly to cook. Some are equipped with power management systems that share power between two cooking zones in a pair. Power on or residual heat light displayed bright enough to notice it actually indicates that residual heat is still there or power is still on.They are energy efficient as they only heats up the cooking pot and let the surface of induction and room temperature be normal.

7. Timer Settings

Most of the induction cooktops have a timer feature which enables periodic cooking and once the time period is completed it will automatically shutdown. Certain induction cooktops come with builtin cooktop digital timer whose time period ranges from 1 min – 160 mins. The induction cooktop buying guide India helps you figure out  what you need to know before purchasing an induction. 

Once the preset time is done, then the cooktop turns off autOmatically Hence Saves power and energy prevents accidents.Preset cooking menus are kind of basic cooking processes like grill, stir, boil, fry, milk,etc. So inductions cooktops come with these preset cooking menus which are set for defined heat and time for each food and its processing.

For better user experience control panel is also provided with voltage display and electrical consumption display and child lock. These are the best features to find out in induction cooktop buying guide India. That also bring awareness of power consumption of induction. Also provided with automatic pan detection feature which enables heat to turn off as soon as cookware is removed from the cooktop as some within 60 sec whereas few show a symbol to represent operation is stopped.

8. Safety Sensors

Some inductions are equipped with safety sensors that monitor the temperature of the cookware base. These help in adjusting power output that prevents damage of the cooktop or cookware due to over heat. These temperature settings can now be controlled by using wifi and smart devices. This is the best feature one has looked for in induction cooktop buying guide India. 

Auto switch off also contributes to user safety as it turns the element down or off automatically in case its overheating or cookware is removed.If cookware used is not induction compatible then a symbol pops up and after sometime the cooking zone switches off by itself, or otherwise a beep sound can be heard or on and off flashes appear on display and to fully switch off you need to press switch off.

This induction cooktop buying guide India helps you decide what features are important. If you place anything other than cookware like small kitchen items like fork or spoon or ring etc it is not detected as cookware in that scenario display flashes, without further power output They are provided with smart sensors equipped inside the cooktops that help in auto off which avoids burning of food or cookware. 

9. Child Lock Feature

Another induction stove feature that helps in locking induction during use either for cleaning or cooking without stopping ongoing operations. Just like this feature, this induction cooktop buying guide India can also arm you with the correct knowledge. Make sure this feature has been taken into consideration  while looking in the induction stove buying guide.

This child lock enables display settings and other features to be locked and active as it was before child lock was turned on. Only the power off button is accessible. It prevents major malfunctions causing features to get stuck or jammed due to any errors.

One of the features that needs to be looked for in the guide to buy induction cooktop.

10. Safety Cut-Off Feature

The features are that help in cutting off or switching off automatically if the cooking zone is on for a long time without temperature alterations. Time period required to prompt depends on the heat settings of the cooktop at that moment. Lower the temperature settings longer the cooking zone will keep on. If you’re someone who forgets something is cooking then consider choosing a cooktop with longer safety cut-out periods.

Pause button feature is so similar to child lock as to lock all the settings as it is much needed while cleaning or to put cooking on hold, pressing it back again unlocks all the settings and enables you to resume cooking. Look for this feature for sure in the guide to buy induction cooktop.

11. Cookware

Cookware which are magnetic are more compatible with induction cooktop. Stainless steel, cast iron and enameled cast iron works great with induction cooktops whereas aluminum, glass and copper cookware doesn’t work on inductions.  Unless it is all metal induction which has a converter made of iron plates that can be used on high frequencies. For cookware compatible to use with induction cooktops feel free to read 5 Most Perfect Cooking Pans For Your Perfect Kitchens .

Converters come in between the cooktop and base of cookware which mediates heat transfer.Cast iron and stainless steel will rapidly and uniformly spread the heat to cookware. For larger vessels, zoneless units would be helpful. Induction cooking may not be recommended for patients on pacemakers or similar medical devices which are sensitive to radiation based inductions.

Points to be remembered

  • Hearing some noises on higher temperature settings due to the fan being switched on inside the induction and vibrating cookware lids, also hearing a ticking sound as the power controller cycles the element on and off to stabilize the power. These are quite normal, no need to worry.
  • Charring like roasting peppers or marshmallows on induction is not recommended.
  • Make sure the induction cooktop is equipped with certified pure copper wire. Low quality copper wire will not cook quickly and uniformly. 

Don’t forget to reference this induction cooktop buying guide India. This would be a great help for others as well. Keep this induction cooktop buying guide India when you’re out shopping for Best Induction. All the above mentioned features in induction cooktop buying guide India are very similar features you should look for while buying an induction cooktop. Consider these features and choose the one that appeals to you the most. Read more about induction cooktop buying guide.

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