Top 6 Seasonal Fruits in India and Their Amazing Benefits!

Climate changes occur with each season and have an impact on everything nearby. We eventually need a varied seasonal diet menu to obtain the highest nutritional values to accommodate these seasonal changes without becoming ill.

Seasonal fruits in India help us in our efforts to maintain our wellness as the seasons change since they are incredibly rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. These aid in our body’s ability to meet its nutritional needs.

Summer is one of the most delicate times of the year. The body rapidly becomes dehydrated during the summer, and concentration levels plummet. The right water level is necessary to preserve energy levels in the high heat. One needs to have good summer fruits in India during this time. There are many winter fruits in India as well! 

Read about the advantages of these tasty Seasonal Fruits in India, which are perfect for preserving health during the warmer months.

Advantages Of Consuming Seasonal Fruits in India

Every season brings a change in the climate that impacts everything in its path. We all require a varied seasonal food set to obtain the optimum nutritional values to adapt to the new seasons without falling unwell. As the seasons change, seasonal fruits in India help us stay healthy since they are rich in vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients. These help our bodies fulfill their dietary needs.

Seasonal Fruits in India are not only good for your health but also increase immunity and ward off illnesses. Seasonal fruits provide you with greater energy by assisting your body in adjusting to the weather outdoors. For instance, eating melons throughout the summer helps you stay hydrated and regulates your body temperature. Like eating dates in the winter keeps you warm, dates increase body heat, enabling you to withstand brisk weather.

  • Because it doesn’t need to be transported from far-off production locations, it consumes less energy and produces less carbon dioxide emissions, which helps ensure the food system’s sustainability.
  • Due to its greater ecological awareness and regard for the environment, it respects the natural production cycle.
  • Additionally, because it was not cultivated in a greenhouse, where fruits lose some flavor, it has a greater flavor.
  • You support local commerce and help create prosperity in your community by purchasing locally-grown seasonal fruit.


Seasonal fruits in India

One of the healthiest Seasonal Fruits in India, oranges are easily obtainable as the autumn season concludes. First, oranges are a great source of ascorbic acid, a vitamin C compound that prevents scurvy and strengthens the immune system. The fruit’s delicious pulp can be consumed fresh or transformed into juice and smoothies. It falls in the category of the best seasonal fruits in India. 

Oranges’ Health Advantages

  • Oranges maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Your skin can be shielded from sun damage by oranges.
  • Oranges may improve heart health.
  • Oranges include vitamin C, which is fantastic for your skin and general wellness.


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A fruit called chiku, also called chikoo, enhances immunity and fights infectious diseases to keep you well and toasty during the winter. It is the best winter fruits in India. Additionally, it is high in fibre and promotes metabolism. It seems too good to be true. Only one fruit you should consume in the winter is chiku. It’s among the top Seasonal Fruits in India. 

Benefits of Chiku for Health

  • Chiku increases your resistance to infection.
  • The fibre in chiku aids in bettering intestinal health.
  • Chiku enhances the health of your skin and hair.
  • Your metabolism can be accelerated by eating chiku.


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 Because it is the king of summer fruits in India, mangoes are available as soon as spring season finishes and peak summer starts, often during the first weeks of April. As the season goes on, various varieties of this fruit, including Alphonso, Kesar, Himsagar, Chausa, Safeda, Langra, and many others, will be accessible in India. It’s among the most diverse Seasonal Fruits in India. 

Mango’s Health Benefits

  • The antioxidants and vitamin C found in mangoes boost your body’s natural defences.
  • In the summer, mangoes help to fend off the heat and avoid heat strokes.
  • Mango consumption may enhance intestinal health.
  • Your immune system can be strengthened by mango.
  • Mangoes may also improve your cardiovascular health.


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Seasonal Fruits in India aren’t complete without watermelon. The fruit of the summer months that can solve all of your health problems in the heat is the watermelon. Melons provide a lot of nutrients and water, which can help you stay hydrated and calm. They are a great option for hot days because they are also quite filling. They are the best Seasonal fruits in India. 

Benefits of Watermelon for Health

  • Your eye health is improved by eating watermelons.
  • Melons like watermelons and others promote cell development.
  • Additionally, watermelons lower your body temperature.
  • Consuming watermelon can help you avoid kidney stones and tired muscles.
  • Moreover, watermelons protect against heart disease.


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There is a reason why the pomegranate is referred to as a superfruit. Considering that it is a well-known fruit, buying this red fruit for your home is a necessity. Antioxidants found in abundance in the fruit’s kernels help stop the development of free radicals and early ageing of the skin. It is the juiciest Seasonal Fruits in India.

Benefits of Pomegranates for Health

  • Pomegranates can strengthen the immune system.
  • Patients with arthritis can benefit from pomegranate’s anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Pomegranate consumption can also lower blood pressure.


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Papayas are among the finest seasonal fruits in India. The outer green peel of Indian papayas has changed from green to a mixture of green and yellow when they are in season. Because the pulp of papayas contains a significant amount of vitamin C, they are still preferred. The fruit can also aid those with IBS or constipation achieve better bowel movements.

Papaya Health Benefits

  • Papayas are essential for the regrowth of muscular tissue.
  • Papayas aid in sun damage prevention for your skin.
  • Papayas are a good way to support digestion.
  • Papayas can help your heart health, too.
  • Papayas’ high fibre content aids with weight loss.

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Which seasonal fruit right now in India? 

Bitter melon, strawberry, orange, mangoes, pineapple, limes, apricots, and other fruits are available in India during the springtime. Dates, oranges, apples, pears, red bananas, clementines, tangerines, etc., will be among the winter fruits. In the winter, pomelos, lemons, and kumquats are also collected. These and other citrus fruits with strong flavors can make your winter diet more enlivening and guarantee that you obtain all the necessary vitamins. Kiwis, pears, and persimmons are other winter fruits in season. These are the best winter fruits in India. 

What fruit is good all year round? 

Apples are one of the most popular fruits that are offered all year long. Throughout every month of the year, most stores offer various varieties and colors. Apricot fruits typically reach maturity in the first week of May into June. It is a monsoon fruit, although it can be eaten yearly. In addition to being good for your heart, it is also good for your eyes and aids in weight loss. The orange season in the nation varies by area. Orange season lasts from December to February in the north and lasts from October through March in the south. The seasons in central and western India are November to January and March through May.

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