The Ultimate Guide: How to Clean Oven Window Like a Pro

How to Clean Oven Window

Many people are unaware that their ovens need routine cleaning and maintenance like any other part of their house. How recently did you clean the glass in your oven? 

Remember this crucial chore by deep cleaning your oven at least once a year around a significant holiday. 

However, you will eventually need to clean the oven glass to preserve its longevity, performance, and aesthetic value.

How to clean oven window?

The glass of your oven door is one area where food splatter and grease accumulation are easy to spot. If you’re having trouble seeing what’s inside, it’s time to clean your oven. To prevent burns, always ensure the oven is fully cooled before cleaning.

1. Get your oven ready and open the door.

Ensure the oven is off, then fully open the door to extract stray pieces of burnt food. The region where the oven glass meets the door should receive particular attention while you work. Using a handheld vacuum makes removing crumbs from this seam simple, but in an emergency, a damp towel will do just fine to clean oven glass window.

2. Prepare an oven glass cleaning product and apply it

Add enough water to a small dish to create a thick paste resembling shaving cream, then mix a half or full cup of baking soda. Using a little more water if needed to ensure even coverage, spread the paste evenly over the oven glass. Give it a minimum of 15 minutes to sit.

3. Clean oven glass window paste.

After giving the paste enough time to dissolve dirt, wipe the glass with a fresh, damp microfiber towel (or any clean rag would do). After giving the glass a good water rinse, towel it off the surface and remove any remaining baking soda.

4. Use a razor to scrape away any leftover dirt.

If burnt-on grease remains after applying and wiping away the paste, carefully scrape it off with a razor blade! Finally, vacuum up any remaining debris (or wipe it down with a towel) and give the door another wipe-down with a moist cloth.

5. Use a strong oven glass cleaner to remove tenacious grease streaks.

In severe situations, a natural paste might not be strong enough to degrease the oven window—for instance, if you live in a rental where the oven glass hasn’t been cleaned in years. If so, you could use a chemical-based oven cleanser that you can buy at the shop. Make sure you adhere to the directions on the product label if you choose that course of action. However, for most cooks, the glass of a greasy oven should be restored with the traditional baking soda and water mixture.

6. Wipe off the residue to clean oven gas.

Wipe away any remaining cleaning solution residue and remove dirt or debris with a damp microfiber cloth. Use a plastic pan scraper or spatula to get rid of stubborn food that has burned on. Do not use anything metal that could harm your oven.

7. Final check:

Ensure you’ve eliminated all traces of cleaning solution by giving your oven a final wipe-down with clean water. Your oven can be dried with paper towels or set on the lowest heat for fifteen minutes.

Enjoy your spotlessly clean oven after reinstalling the oven racks!

How to clean an electric oven?

Electric ovens frequently have a visible heating element at the top or bottom. To help distribute hot air evenly, a convection fan at the back of the oven could be incorporated. 

In general, these areas should be fine with having cleaning solutions on them. As long as you choose a cleaner for residential ovens, you can safely clean all of them.

Certain cleansers are not meant to come into contact with hot surfaces. When in doubt, use an alternative cleaning solution or cover the components with foil.

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How to keep oven racks clean?

Oven racks can occasionally become as filthy as the oven itself. Most oven racks are composed of stainless steel, which is readily cleaned. You can thoroughly clean them by soaking them in hot, soapy water or simply wipe them clean using a damp rag and some mild detergent if they’re not too dirty.

Pro Tip: Is your oven rack too small for the sink? Use the bathtub to clean them!

Ammonia and a trash bag provide another simple method for cleaning oven racks. Although you can buy professional oven rack bag cleaning kits, making your own is just as simple!

How About Glass Oven Doors with Burned Grease? 

Is burned grease still visible on your glass oven door? If the previous instructions didn’t successfully eliminate grease marks, we suggest using a razor blade to scrape the door glass gently. Using only the flat edge of the razor, carefully scrape away the grease that has become trapped. You don’t want the razor blade’s corner to scratch the glass unintentionally! Take care not to damage any of the glass seas.

How can the spaces between the glass on an oven door be cleaned without disassembling it?

One of the most annoying issues is cleaning between oven glass panes. It is improbable that you can thoroughly clean the spaces between the oven door’s panes without disassembling them. Nevertheless, depending on how your oven is built, you can remove the top edge and wash this area with a cloth-covered yardstick. A yardstick covered in cloth might even fit through vents at the top or bottom of the door. But you’ll have to disassemble the door to do a good job.

Advice on how to keep oven glass clean

You’ll want to keep your oven glass spotless for as long as possible after you’ve managed to get it that way.

The following advice will help you maintain the pristine appearance of your oven glass:

  • Regularly wipe down the glass: To avoid grease and stain accumulation, immediately wipe down the oven glass with a damp cloth or sponge after each usage.
  • Steer clear of harsh instruments and cleaners: Abrasive cleaning products and harsh chemicals can scratch and damage glass surfaces. Use gentle cloths and mild or natural cleansers to keep the glass intact.
  • Recall the seals on the oven doors: Maintaining the cleanliness of the oven glass might be hampered by dirt and grime buildup, so clean the oven door seals regularly.

You now know how to clean oven window and whatever mess your oven may have made. You will need to practice these processes regularly to maintain your oven in the best possible condition. Remember to clean your oven when food spills occur and incorporate oven cleaning into your normal cleaning schedule.


Is oven cleaner safe on oven window glass?

Oven window glass can be safely cleaned with oven cleanser; however, consult your oven’s owner’s manual if you are unsure. (Many manufacturers advise against cleaning the internal surfaces of self-cleaning ovens with commercial oven cleaners.) Lastly, to ensure you are using the oven cleaning correctly, always follow the directions on the package.

How can I prevent streaks on my oven glass?

Rinse cleaning solutions off the glass completely, then dry it with a lint-free cloth to avoid stains.

How often should I clean my oven glass?

How often you clean the glass in your oven will depend on how you cook. As a general rule, clean it at least once every few months. It is preferable to clean it sooner if you start to see a lot of buildup or stains.

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