Sleep Like Royalty: A Comprehensive Nectar Hybrid Mattress Review

Nectar Hybrid Mattress

Nectar Sleep was established in 2017 and gained rapid recognition for its bedding, bed frames, and memory foam mattresses. The brand is well-known for its Nectar line of memory foam mattresses. If you enjoy memory foam, you will likely enjoy the Nectar mattress. Although it has been a fixture in the online market for years, it was limited to being an all-foam bed until recently. In this blog, we are going to discuss the detailed Nectar Hybrid Mattress review.

The Classic Hybrid, Premier Hybrid, and Premier Copper Hybrid are the three hybrid mattresses Nectar most recently added to its lineup. Every model has a firm feel that combines a strong coiled core with memory foam and polyfoam comfort layers. The Premier hybrids are more luxuriously equipped with amenities such as a cooling quilted cover and have taller profiles.

Isolation of Motion

A responsive coil core usually allows for more motion transfer throughout the mattress. Nevertheless, according to testing, the Nectar Hybrid isolates motion more effectively than most hybrids.

Memory foam and polyfoam layers absorb extra motion from the springs, which stops movement from going to the other side. Pocketed coils further reduce motion transfer since they move independently of one another.

The Nectar Hybrid is a great option for individuals who don’t want to be bothered by their partner’s or pet’s movements. Excellent motion isolation is also beneficial for tossing and turning sleepers.

Comfort and Firmness

We would give the Essential Hybrid a 6.5 to 7 out of 10 because it is slightly firmer than Nectar rated it. While occasionally sleeping on their sides, the primary testers prefer to sleep on their backs. When sleeping on their backs, they reported that the mattress was quite supportive, resulting in a well-aligned spine and great pressure alleviation at the shoulders and hips. 

While lying on their sides, the medium-weight sleepers found the mattress to be comfortable as well; however, the lightweight sleepers felt that it was too rigid and that it hurt their shoulders. This is an ideal choice for side sleepers of average and higher weight as well as back sleepers of all weights, especially heavier-weight sleepers.

Release of Pressure

Thanks to its memory foam comfort technology, the Nectar Hybrid relieves pressure points for most body types and sleeping habits. Although not as thick as in other Nectar models, the memory foam comfort layer relieves pressure areas in the hips, shoulders, and spine. Pressure accumulation is lessened because the mattress’s solid support and mild contouring distribute body weight equally.

Back and stomach sleepers especially benefit from the Classic because they don’t need as much shaping to correct the spine. In contrast, side sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds might need more support to ease hip and shoulder strain.

Complete support from edge to edge

You may end up sleeping at the edges of the mattress because your partner has occasionally slept all over it without realizing it. You should get a bed with a strong border if your relationship is like that. 

This hybrid mattress features strong edge support because of the strengthened coils around the edges. We doubt you will experience any roll-off because those coils keep you securely placed around the sides.

Temperature regulation

 Temperature regulation is good with Nectar Hybrid, especially with other foam-only mattresses.

Because the memory foam is less thick and body-conforming than other models, heat retention isn’t as much of a problem. The permeable cover keeps the surface cooler, while the gel infusions are meant to extract heat. It shouldn’t cause you to feel overly heated at night or aggressively chill you down. 

Furthermore, the Hybrid model is colder than Nectar’s all-foam models because the pocketed coils allow for greater airflow than dense poly foam. Additionally, unwanted heat accumulation is less likely because the sensitive surface keeps sleepers elevated above the mattress.

The Nectar Classic controls temperature more effectively than most hybrid and all-foam versions, making it a good choice for hot sleepers or those who like to sink deeper into a mattress.


The Nectar is simple to set up and distribute, but we advise paying the £25 more for Premium Delivery. Unlike standard delivery, which only delivers the mattress to your front door, this service will have your mattress delivered to the room of your preference. 

A small blue plastic cutting tool with the Nectar is useful for slicing through the mattress wrapping. As the Nectar inflates quickly, cut through the plastic while the mattress is still on your bed. 

Although Nectar claims that a completely inflated Essential Hybrid can take up to 72 hours, we discovered that it swelled to about full capacity in about 6 hours.


This hybrid bed should be sturdy enough to support individuals of different body types, including much heavier ones because it incorporates coils for support. In the long run, pocketed coils provide greater support than dense support foam units, which makes hybrid choices marginally more durable than all-foam beds. 

Because of this, the Nectar Hybrid should provide plenty of support and longevity. The mattress has an incredibly strong structure and is constructed from premium materials. Nectar also shows its confidence in its product with a 365-night trial and a Forever Warranty.


Nectar provides free ground shipping for the Classic Hybrid for orders to the contiguous United States. To ship to Alaska and Hawaii, the mattress costs $150 in freight, which is non-refundable. FedEx or UPS Ground is used for shipping Nectar.

The Classic is compacted in plastic before being shipped in a box. After placing your order, most orders arrive within 7 to 14 business days. Professional installation is not required once the mattress is unpacked because it will expand on its own. After being unrolled, the Classic should expand to its full size in about a day. You might need some extra help moving the package.

Sleep Trial

The Classic Hybrid supports the 365-night sleep study.

During this time, customers can return the mattress for a complete refund. Before demanding a return, Nectar advises clients to test the bed for at least 30 days. For orders within the contiguous United States, the firm pays for the cost of return postage. 

The cost of shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is not refundable. Mattresses that are stained or broken cannot be returned to Nectar.


The Nectar Hybrid is covered by a limited lifetime warranty from Nectar, which covers flaws in material and manufacturing. The guarantee is only valid for the original buyer.

Nectar replaces a faulty mattress at no cost to the consumer for the first ten years. The business will either replace or fix the mattress in the ensuing years. Unless the mattress is found to be damaged, customers must pay a $50 transportation fee for each trip.

If a person wants to keep their faulty mattress, they can buy a new one for half the original cost.

The guarantee includes coverage for physical faults in the cover, foam splitting and cracking, and surface imprints and sagging up to 1.5 inches deep. Intentional abuse, neglect, and incorrect usage of the foundation result in the loss of coverage.

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FAQs About Nectar Hybrid Mattress Review

What is the lifespan of a hybrid Nectar mattress?

Although Nectar does not specify how long their mattresses will last, we can infer a few things. In typical situations, a foam mattress should last eight to ten years. Hybrids have a slightly longer lifespan—10 to 12 years.

Can a hybrid nectar mattress help with back pain?

According to the director of the Lennox Physical Therapy Association, “Nectar relieves pressure wherever you normally feel it the most.” Nectar is mild on sensitive pain sites yet hard enough to provide support.

Is nectar hybrid good for heavy sleepers?

It is also quite affordable and ideal for those who weigh less than 230 pounds. One drawback is that it can’t sustain heavy sleepers for an extended period.

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