Top 5 Lunch Boxes You’ll Love to Carry

 After a long exhausting day at school or work, who doesn’t look forward to the lunch break? A box filled with appetizing and aromatic food can be enough to lift your spirits.

So we need to carry lunch boxes that keep the food healthy and fresh even after a few hours. Also, the other factors come into the picture when we take them for work or even while traveling, like their compactness, durability, and size. A Cherry on top, if it allows you to heat the food in the lunchbox right before the meal! Considering all of this, we have compiled a few best options for you.

1. Oliveware Teso Lunch Box

milton lunch boxes
Oliveware Teso Lunch Box

It’s a perfect tiffin box if you require carrying it for longer hours because it comes with 3 Stainless Steel containers, one pickle box, and even a water bottle. The tiffin is leak-proof, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

It is compact and has an easy-to-clean fabric jacket with a zipper. You can keep all these containers and the bottle safely in this bag. 

It’s a well-suited product to carry to work. 

2.Tupperware New Urban Lunch Set

lunch boxes
Tupperware New Urban Lunch Set

This tupperware lunch box contains one airtight container for dry food items and two spill-proof containers to carry gravies, curries, or similar things. These containers are microwave safe too! 

This set comes with a stylish bag to carry all the boxes and has extra space to carry other essentials while packing a meal for your day ahead. It’s a lightweight and compact lunch box suitable to take to the office or even while traveling. 

3. Milton Stainless Steel Combi Lunch Box

3. Milton Stainless Steel Combi Lunch Box

This unique lunch box that comes with a tumblr is of 100% Stainless Steel. The three containers are leak-proof, so you don’t have to worry about spillage, and they are available in various colors. 

The bag comes with an extra compartment to keep spoons, forks, or medicine. The insulated lunch bag keeps the food warm. It’s an ideal lunch box for the students to carry!

4. Milton Executive Lunch Box

Milton Executive Lunch Box

This compact Milton Lunch Box comes with one oval container of plastic and two insulated food containers made from Stainless Steel. It keeps your food fresh for many hours. The Steel containers are microwave safe. 

The set has a convenient bag to carry. It is perfect for students as well as working people.

5. Cello Click It Stainless Steel Lunch Pack

Cello Click It Stainless Steel Lunch Pack

This Lunch Box of Cello is a perfect fit if you need to carry it inside your suitcase or school bag. Due to its compactness, it saves much space. It is 100% leak-proof and made of stainless steel. 

It has one big rectangular box with a small container that can fit inside it. Seeing all the factors, it’s a suitable choice for school and college students.


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