5 Best Lemon Squeezer India For Your Ultimate Lemonade (2023)

The best lemon squeezer India 2023 is a kitchen utensil used to extract lemon juice from lemons. It is also referred to as a lemon juicer. It is an essential kitchen tool used for making lemonade and other lemon-flavored recipes. 

The best lemon squeezer usually has a handle and a bowl that holds the lemon as you press the lever. The bowl sits on top of a glass or stainless steel cup. You insert a lemon into the bowl and then press the lever to extract the juice from the lemon. 

The juice collects in the cup below. You can also use a wooden squeezer to make fresh cocktails, salads, and fruit plates. Some lemons are too bitter to make juice using a regular lemon juicer, so people use a juicer instead.

First wash your fruits well before juicing them. Next, line your fruit up with its point facing down on a dish or plate so that no juice gets on it. Then place your fruit into your kitchen sink so that you can run cold water over it for about ten minutes to remove any bacteria from the skins of your fruits. 

This step is important because warm fruit will produce more bitter-tasting juice than cold fruit does when juiced using a squeezer! Afterward, run warm water over your fruit for about ten seconds before extracting as much juice as possible from each of your fruits!

Best lemon squeezer India 2022
Lemon Squeezer

Our Picks : 5 Best Lemon Squeezers with the Deciding Tag

Product NameTagBuy Link
KUKAL Lemon SqueezerBest OverallLink
Cartalyst Manual Lemon SqueezerEasy To CleanLink
Signoraware Lemon SqueezerValue for MoneyLink
Amazon Brand – Solimo Food Grade Stainless Steel Lemon SqueezerDurabilityLink

Signoraware Lemon Squeezer with Bottle Opener Food Grade Stainless Steel, Set of 1, Silver

Lemon is a fruit found in many cuisines around the world. It is used in desserts, salads, and drinks. The most common way of consuming lemons is by making lemonade or lemon squash. Lemonade made with fresh lemons is healthy and delicious.

Best lemon squeezer India 2022
Signoraware Lemon juicer


  • Color: Silver; Material: Stainless Steel; Brand: Signoraware
  • Product weight: 145 Grams; Dimensions (LxWxH): 14 x 160 x 120 Millimeters
  • Product made from 100% high-quality food-grade stainless steel, which prevents rusting.
  • Easy to hold and maintain, round edges for safe usage
  • Ideal for squeezing the juice from lemons and other citrus fruits.
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Amazon Brand – Solimo Food Grade Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer

Lemonade made with fresh lemons tastes great and using a stainless steel alternative allows us to avoid any potential health concerns associated with handling lemons while still producing great-tasting drinks. While there are drawbacks associated with using stainless steel over traditional materials when making drinks such as lemonade, there are advantages associated with this safer material when handling other acidic liquids such as tomato-based sauces.

Best lemon squeezer India 2022
Solimo Stainless Steel Squeezer


  • Color: Silver; Material: Stainless Steel; Brand: Amazon Brand – Solimo
  • Product weight: 169 Grams; Dimensions (LxWxH): 40 x 66 x 200 Millimeters
  • It is the best as it is free from sharp edges making it safe for use for every age.
  • Cup ideal for extracting juice from lemons.
  • Designed for easy grip and maintenance.
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KUKAL Lemon Squeezer, Aluminium Heavy Duty, Kitchen Tools, Lemon Juice Extractor ( BLACK)

Many people have stainless steel squeezer in their kitchens; it’s one of the most popular kitchen gadgets. It can make your life easier, especially during the summer months when you need to make lots of delicious lemonade!

Best lemon squeezer India 2022


  • Color: Black; Material: Aluminium; Brand: KUKAL.
  • Product weight: 310 Grams; Finish type: Polished.
  • Made from ultra-strong high-quality stainless steel, with a metal combination for no corrosion or rusting and unbreakable tank status.
  • Works perfectly on Meyer lemons, Key limes, limequats, or Mexican limes, our lemon juicer tool can squeeze them all with the maximum results and no seeds.
  • This manual juicer is made with sturdy food-grade stainless steel, lead-free material, it is secure and reliable.
  • Engineered to be easy on the hands. If you are used to hand-squeezing citrus, you will be truly amazed at how easy it is to use this professional lemon juicer.
  • This easy-to-use and easy-to-store citrus juicer is built like a tank. It will last literally a lifetime. No more bulky, hard-to-clean juicers crowding the decor of your home bar or kitchen.
  • Cleans in seconds & dishwasher friendly. You can easily take out your citrus press for that extra touch in your food or cocktail and simply put it in the dishwasher on the upper shelf like a mug or bowl. Or, if you don’t use an automatic dishwasher, cleaning it by hand is a breeze.
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Abhi Creation Wooden Lemon Squeezer Brown Color

A wooden squeezer is healthier and longer lasting compared to its traditional counterpart as it doesn’t need to deal with accidental breaks as often as its less brittle counterpart does not need to bear the weight of the fruit either. Stainless steel also doesn’t stain easily like other materials such as pewter do which makes it ideal for use in food preparation areas such as those found in restaurants or bakeries where preparation utensils frequently come into contact with food products and ingredients they are used to prepare for consumption.

Best lemon squeezer India 2022
Abhi Creation Wooden Squeezer


  • Color: Brown; Material: Wood; Brand: Abhi Creation.
  • Product weight: 210 Grams; Finish type: Polished
  • For harsh Indian summers, it is best to use 100% food-grade wooden material for your lemon juice.
  • Long-lasting wood, easy to use and handle.
  • Extracts juice in one go, no time wastage.
  • Low maintenance required, easy to clean.
  • Designed to fit in hand with ease.
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Cartalyst Manual Lemon Squeezer – Heavy Duty – Manual Citrus Juicers, Press Hand Lime Citrus Juicer, Safe Quick and Effective Juicing, Super Easy to Clean

Lemonade made with fresh lemons is delicious but making it can be tricky without the best squeezer. Most households have at least one stainless steel squeezer these days so that everyone can enjoy fresh homemade lemonade during the summer months! 

Best lemon squeezer India 2022
Cartalyst Manual Squeezer


  • Color: Silver; Material: Stainless Steel; Brand: Cartalyst
  • Finish type: Polished; Dimensions (LxWxH): 21 x 7 x 7 Centimeters
  • It is crafted with FDA-certified high-quality sturdy stainless steel, durable and rust-free. 
  • Cartalyst Lemon Squeezer is an eye-catcher for every modern kitchen due to its modern and timeless design.
  • Large capacity with a large base (Dia. 7cm) can handle large size lemon and lime. Manually squeezes lemons, limes, and other small citrus fruits to make your favorite juices at home.
  • The longer length of the handle allows you to take its leverage and makes squeezing really easy. You can also comfortably put pressure on the handle without the edges of the handle cutting into your hands.
  • The best lemon squeezer India 2023. Since this citrus juicer is portable, you can put it directly over whatever you’re making, whether it be a salad dressing, cocktail, baking, barbecue, or also easily handle other fruits.
  • The polished finish makes it easy to use and wash, no smudges or stickies, just make sure to rinse after every use. 
  • It is dishwasher safe. No more bulky, hard-to-clean juicers crowding the decor of your home bar or kitchen.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lemon squeezer?

A lemon squeezer is a kitchen tool used to extract juice from lemons. It typically features a bowl and a lever that allows you to apply pressure to the lemon and extract the juice.

Why should I use a lemon squeezer?

Using a lemon squeezer can help you extract more juice from lemons with less effort than squeezing by hand. It also helps to prevent seeds and pulp from getting into your juice, resulting in a smoother and more flavorful final product.

What should I look for when choosing a lemon squeezer?

When choosing a lemon squeezer, consider factors such as the material used to make the squeezer, the size of the bowl, the ease of use, and any additional features such as a strainer to catch seeds and pulp.

Can I use a lemon squeezer for other citrus fruits besides lemons?

Yes, many lemon squeezers can also be used for other citrus fruits such as limes and oranges.

How do I clean and maintain my lemon squeezer?

To clean and maintain your lemon squeezer, rinse it with hot water immediately after use and wash it thoroughly with soap and water on a regular basis. Be sure to also inspect your squeezer regularly for any signs of wear or damage, and replace it if necessary.


Squeezing lemons can be a tricky task since they easily bruise. In that case, using the best lemon squeezer India 2023 would be a great idea. Using stainless steel lemon squeezer or wooden lemon squeezer for extracting lemon juice is more hygienic and healthy. Hope this list helps you to find the perfect citrus for your lemonade or other lemon-based dishes. 

Also check out lime juice substitute to get a look at clever lime juice substitutes for when you don’t have lemons at hand.


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