5 Best Juicer Mixer In India To Purchase From Amazon

Starting our day with the right amount of nutrients in our first meal of the day, which we get from fruits and vegetables especially, is very important. Although nowadays, due to all our work from home/ work from office schedules, we barely get the time to have a proper breakfast, isn’t it? But to keep ourselves healthy and fit we actually need to have a bare amount of nutrients or at least a glass of juice which would balance our diet and prevent our body from gaining any unwanted health issues.  

Though now the question arrives, like ‘when we don’t get the time to have our breakfast then how would we get time to extract the fresh juice out of the fruits and vegetables?’ Well, mechanization has made that possible and easy while providing us with machines like various forms of ‘juicer mixer’ that will help us to avail the fresh juice at home easily. Hence, we can easily avail these superbly mechanized forms of juicers from Amazon and for that let’s just have a look at the recommendations of some countable and best forms of juicer mixer of the time

1.Sujata Powermatic Juicer, 900 Watts, Without Jar (White)

Sujata Powermatic Juicer, 900 Watts, Without Jar (White)

This juicer Sujata as in ‘Sujata Powermatic’ juicer mixer grinder comes as the first recommendation to buy. It includes high rated material quality and durability. This machine is hence proven as one of the best choices of juicers to buy and it is also used in innumerable hotels, cafes, juice parlors etc along with homes. It is perfectly suitable for every household and is a reliable companion of our lives.


  • It has 1 unit motor of 900 Watts that includes efficient and double ball bearings which perhaps requires a low maintenance standard and gives trouble-free running for 2 years of warranty.
  • It provides a unique ‘Honeycomb’ filter mesh for finer and high yielding juice and one juicer attachment without any jar.
  • It can be operated with 22000 RPM that helps in retaining original flavor and fresh aroma of the juice and food.
  • It is suitable for longer and continuous running of about 90mins straight.
  • It provides a stainless steel blade for finer and faster cutting with a transparent and unbreakable mixer jar.
  • It provides a safe and shockproof mechanism.

2.Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer (Black/Silver)

Philips Viva Collection HR1

This Philips juicer provides easy and safe functioning for fresh juice extracts that has a powerful and fast mechanism. It gives high durability while providing complete value for money and easy resembling.


  • It does not require any sort of electrical installation.
  • It has the capability to squeeze every drop of the fruits and vegetables.
  • It can be easily cleaned within 1 min.
  • It provides integrated 1m of cord and XL tube with speed setting.
  • It provides 1.2litre of container and 800ml of SAN juice jug that has 2 liter of capacity.
  • It has 700 watts of power with aluminum body materials.

3. BTC INDIA HPJ Aluminum Hand Press Juicer, Made In India

BTC INDIA HPJ Aluminum Hand Press

This hand press juicer mixer is very sturdy and requires no power or electricity for its usage. It gives high durability with safer and easier mechanized functioning. It also provides the buyer with a warranty card in the form of a user guide invoice with double packing and juicer set.


  • It provides guaranteed taste and quality and 20years of usage warranty of both the product and its parts.
  • It requires low maintenance and has a trouble -friendly running system with easy removable VCUP and a strainer (jali) for quick cleaning.
  • This hand press juicer provides an additional grip handle that has aluminum base and plastic on the lower side.
  • This juicer has a high grade aluminum for maintaining the food quality with LM-6 Electroplated Hard Steel parts and a coating with lead-free powder.

4.Kuvings B1700 Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer, Powerful 240 Watts Motor, Patented JMCS Technology for Max Yield (Dark Silver Juicer)

Kuvings B1700 Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer, Powerful 240 Watts Motor, Patented JMCS Technology for Max Yield (Dark Silver Juicer)

As one of the leading brands, Kuvings provide this Cold Press Juicer with elegant and sturdy design which gives an attractive look in every sort of kitchen decor. It’s functionality has easy and convenient usage while being unique, customer preferred and award winning designed machine


  • It provides 10 years of warranty on the Motor and Gear and 1year of warranty on the whole product. Additionally, this brand provides 2 years of extended warranty on registering this juicer on the official website of Kuvings.
  • This juicer includes 76mm of large patented tube for loading any fruit or vegetable in its whole proportion, a patented JMCS technology for maximum yielding with guarantee, an unique cleaning tool kit with patented technology and round rotary brush for easy cleaning the fiber from the strainer.
  • It has the capability to juice anything and everything with 100% fine yielding.
  • It provides 3-in-1 versatile option or multi- purpose appliance to make not only juice but smoothie and sorbet/ice creams too. The parts of this product can be bought separately also.
  • It provides a powerful high Torque Motor with 240 watts and a brushless AC motor, which is highly durable and can work quietly.
  • As Kuvings only provides and uses high quality grade parts, this juicer provides superior quality for good health and life long usage guarantee.

5.Prestige PCJ 7.0 500 Watts Centrifugal Juicer

Prestige PCJ 7.0 500 Watts

As another leading brand, Prestige PCJ 7.0 Juicer provides a hassle-free functioning to extract fresh juice effortlessly. This can be used for both hard and soft fruits to extract juice easily. This product includes large capacity and an extra wide mouth.


  • It provides 1 year of warranty with advanced design sieve.
  • It’s workable with 230 volts and 500 watts of power which is highly convenient but is a slow juicer for concentrated pulp.
  • It comes with 1 unit of net quality as a whole.
  • It provides anti-drip features with a rotary switch and a dual locking system for safe usage.


So, to have a complete balanced meal function and avoid unwanted health issues, grab any of these forms of  juicer mixer for easy availing of nutrients enriched juices. Also, all of them are the perfect juicer to lose weight while having tasty and delicious fruit juices, smoothies easily and with appropriate amounts of fresh fruits and vegetable intakes. So without missing a chance, check out these amazing products to make your lifestyle healthy and fit while saving time!


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