6 Amazing Raisin Water Benefits And Its Side Effects

raisin water benefits

You guys probably didn’t know that raisin water is a brain booster! Yes. It’s benefits are unknown to most of the people but let us tell you that having a glass of raisin water in the morning will make your skin glow, manage your stress, give your brain that extra boost and whatnot! 

Raisins, also known as kismis or songi in India, are one of the most popular dried fruits in the country. Raisin is a dried grape with a large number of nutrients, even more than grapes. Raisin is a seedless dried fruit. It has vitamins, fibre, potassium, and magnesium. It has an ample amount of antioxidants in it. 

Fun Fact – Raisins were anciently used as a currency, as an award and were also used to treat diseases like food poisoning.

Raisins are high in nutrients and not processed – no added sugar or other ingredients. But being dried and shrunk, the sugar content is also very high in raisins, making them high in calories, so they must be eaten in moderation. 

Nutritional Information About Raisins 

A quarter cup of raisin contains :

  • 108 Calories
  • 0 grams Fat
  • 1 gram Protein
  • 1 gram Fiber
  • 29 grams Carbs
  • 21 grams Sugar

So, drinking raisin water provides you with all these nutrients and also lowers the concentration of sugar in them. It has zero cholesterol levels. It is a significant benefit for mental health as it is a total brain booster!

Raisin Water Meaning : How to make it? 

Raisin water benefits are many, but to absorb them properly, you need to know the right way to prepare it with the right proportions of ingredients. Let’s see about that.

How to make raisin water? You just need two ingredients- Water and Black Raisins.


  • Wash the raisins thoroughly. Now, boil 100 grams of black raisins in 2 cups of water for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Let these boiled raisins soak in water overnight.
  • To get the full benefit of raisin nutrition, heat the soaked raisins for a few minutes in the morning.
  • Finally, you can strain the mixture, and your raisin water is ready to drink.

There are a lot of benefits but also remember that soaked raisins have a fantastic amount of nutrients too! So don’t throw them away. Instead, eat them raw or add them to any dish you desire.

Also, to get good raisin water benefits and get your body detoxified, it is advised to have this water empty stomach in the morning. Let’s see the excellent benefits below.

Raisin Water Benefits

1. Helps with Natural Weight Loss

Raisin or kismis water benefits include weight loss. How? So, it contains glucose and fructose, which is natural sugar and provides energy for a long duration of time. It also regulates the secretion of some hormones in the body, which inform the brain whether we are hungry or not. Thus, it helps with balanced eating and prevents excessive calories. 

Dry Fruit like Walnuts also helps you control your hunger…

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2. Improves Immunity

Raisin water is a booster for antioxidants in the body, providing good immunity by battling harmful free radicals which give rise to many diseases. As gut health is taken care of, immunity rises, and the defence system of the body is enhanced.

3. Helps with Insomnia

These days there’s stress and anxiety in almost everyone’s life. Keeping the eyes and brain busy with screens day and night has given rise to insomnia in a significant amount of the human population of the world. Raisin water contains melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the brain in response to darkness. It helps with sleep, and it being a source of melatonin, is excellent for insomnia.

4. Reduces Hair Loss

As we said, there’s so much stress in today’s world, and a lot of problems arise from it. One such problem is hair loss and thinning of hair. Its benefits comprise of good blood circulation, which then stimulates the hair follicles. Thus, improving hair health, and reducing hair loss and hair thinning problems.

5. Clearer Skin And Anti-ageing Benefits 

Everyone wants a clear, glowing skin, and no one wants to look like they are ageing with time. Well, one of the raisin water benefits is it can help you age like fine wine! The Vitamin C, phenol and antioxidants present slow down the ageing process and give you a flawless skin. Vitamin A and E hydrate the skin and lessen the process of oxidation. 

6. Brain Booster

It is not hidden from anyone that physical well-being helps with mental well-being. In the same ways, raisin water helps with so many physical issues, such as insomnia, hair thinning, and stomach problems, the level of mood-regulating chemicals in the brain increases.

Everything comes with pros and cons, and so does raisin water. 

Excess of everything is also bad for us. We discussed raisin water benefits, but there are a few side effects as well, which you should know too.

Other Benefits:

Benefits Explanation
Bone Health Raisins are a good source of calcium and boron, which are essential nutrients for maintaining strong bones.
Improved Iron Levels Raisin water contains iron, which is important for preventing anemia and promoting healthy blood flow
Boosted Energy Raisins are a natural source of carbohydrates and sugars, which can provide a quick boost of energy.
Reduced Risk of Cancer The polyphenols in raisins have been linked to a reduced risk of cancer.

Raisin Water Side Effects

1. Excess of Antioxidants

As we said above, excess of everything is bad. Antioxidants are great for your health, but an extreme amount of raisin water can lead to an unwanted large amount of antioxidants in the body which can hamper the absorption of nutrients.

2. Stomach Issues

Raisin water side effects include stomach issues like diarrhoea in people with a sensitive stomach. So, if you’re facing stomach issues while you’ve started taking raisin water, stop using it and see if your upset stomach feels any better.

3. Harmful for People with Diabetes

With diabetes, your body either can’t make insulin or can’t use it in the proper manner as it should. Excess of raisin water can trigger hypoglycemia (a condition in which your blood sugar level is lower than the standard range) and sometimes lower sugar levels in diabetic patients.

4. Allergies

Raisin water side effects include allergies as well. You might have some kind of allergy to raisins that you’re not aware of. So, to get the best of raisin water benefits, consume it in less quantity for a few days just to ensure you’re safe and not allergic.

5. Hypotension

Raisin water contains a good amount of potassium in it, which is another one of the benefits but taking it in excess might reduce blood pressure. So if you’re a high or low blood pressure patient, consult your doctor before taking raisin water.

Other Side Effects:

Side Effects Explanation
Tooth Decay Raisins are sticky and can cling to teeth, increasing the risk of tooth decay.
Digestive Issues While raisin water can promote healthy digestion in some people, it may cause digestive issues such as gas or diarrhea in others.
Increased Caloric Intake Raisin water can be high in calories, and drinking too much can lead to weight gain.
Interference with Medications Raisins contain certain compounds that may interfere with certain medications, so it’s important to consult with a doctor if you are taking any medications.

FAQs-Raisin Water Benefits

  • Does raisin water reduce weight?

    Raisin water can help with weight reduction if you take it in moderation and not regularly, depending on your requirement. It has lower calories than raisins themselves, but it’s still high in calories, so using it every day might even make you gain weight.

  • Can you have raisin water daily?

    Raisin water benefits are uncountable, but it does have a few side effects as well. So, it’s best to consume it in moderation for the first few weeks to understand how it works for you before adding it to your diet as a daily beverage.

  • Are black raisins better than yellow raisins?

    Yes. Dark coloured raisins must be chosen over yellow ones as dark raisins are naturally dehydrated by sun drying. On the other hand, yellow raisins are artificially dehydrated and may contain sodium chloride to maintain the colour.

  • Do raisins increase haemoglobin?

    Raisins are a source of iron. Due to this iron content present in them, they increase haemoglobin and prevent anaemia.

    Start your day with raisin water and see your body having amazing changes!

    Raisins are good, but homemade raisins are even better! Here’s a video for you on ‘How to make raisins at home’. Do check it out!

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