9 Lime Juice Substitutes You Must Try To Give Your Food An Ultimate Tangy Touch

lime juice substitute

You are making a fantastic recipe and Oh God! Forgot to buy limes? Need a lime juice substitute? No time to take out the juice from the limes? Or is it an allergy that isn’t letting you get a taste of this tangy citrus fruit? Well, Your Kitchen Kart has got your back. Lime adds that needed freshness and brightness to every food. A bright, tangy and sour punch is what lime is known for and is widely used in almost every household. It is used in beverages, food and even desserts. While fresh lime juice is hard to replace, there are a few things you can do to give the same taste and freshness.

Let’s see the substitutes for lime juice that we have listed for you but remember, any Lime Juice Substitute works depending on the type of recipe you’re working with.

Orange Juice

lime juice substitute

Orange juice is also known for its sour and tangy flavour and many fruit punches are made out of it. Though it doesn’t taste just the same, if all you have is a few oranges in hand, it can be used as a substitute for lime juice. It is also rich in Vitamin C and good for that glowy skin as well, so it’s a win-win! Other than orange, other citrus fruit juices are also an option for sure.

White Wine Vinegar

lime juice substitute

Another option for the lime juice is white wine vinegar. We say white wine because this white wine vinegar has the same acidity. Apple cider vinegar is a good option as well because its acidity is also similar.

When adding vinegar, remember you’re using half the amount of lime juice that was recommended as vinegar is more pungent. You can then taste it and add more if required.

Lemon Juice

lime juice substitute

Let us make it very clear, the best substitute for lime juice is always the same amount of lemon juice! It is especially useful in cocktail recipes. That margarita that needed a pinch of lime juice will still taste amazing with the same amount of lemon juice! 

Even if you’re baking, lemon can be used as a substitute. Then come savory recipes and again! Lemon to the rescue. Even in savory recipes, you can use lemon as a lime juice substitute and it will work wonders! Though it is obvious that nothing can bring the same zing of lime, lemon still works better than any other substitute that you might find.

Lime Zest

lime juice substitute

Now sometimes you might have lime in hand but no lime juice. What can you do? Easy! Zest the lime. Lime zest is the coloured outside portion of the lime which is peeled to take it into use. How to zest a lime? Just take a peeler and peel the outside skin. But remember to peel the coloured part only as the white part might taste bitter. 

Lime zest actually adds brightness and tanginess which is even more powerful than lime juice itself. 

The best use of lime zest is in baking recipes. Use ½ teaspoon of lime zest instead of One tablespoon of lime juice.


lime juice substitute

You might not have thought about it but tamarind can also be a great substitute because of its tangy taste. Tamarind has an amazing sweet and sour flavour which is great for salad dressings and marinating. It also comes with amazing health benefits. It is a rich source of antioxidants, and may also have anti-cancer properties. Tamarind is also good for your liver and offers anti-diabetic properties as well! So next time when you’re out of lime juice, take some tamarind, you can boil it and take out the water which will make it very soft and chewy to use in any recipe.

White Wine

lime juice substitute

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine on a Saturday evening with a good dinner in a sophisticated restaurant or at home while Netflix and chill? While wine lovers know every taste and brand of good wine, very few would think of it as a lime juice substitute. But yes! You can surely use it as a substitute. White wine does not have the same acidity level as lime juice but it still works in many recipes. You should be cautious where the recipe calls for high usage of lime juice because then this substitute might give you a buzz which you did not ask for!

Citric Acid

lime juice substitute

Citric acid is a naturally occurring acid found in limes which makes it a great substitute for lime juice. Citric acid plays a vital role in energy production and also enhances calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium absorption through the gut. This is why citrus fruits are so good for our bodies as they provide citric acid in a good amount.

Powdered citric acid can be used and it’s great for baking recipes. Only a small amount of citric acid is required and you’re good to go. But don’t forget to add some additional liquid to make the correct ratio of dryness and wetness in your recipe.

Bottled Lime Juice

lime juice substitute

Though the flavour of natural lime juice is much brighter and tangier than bottled lime juice, if you find yourself in a pinch, you may always go for a bottled version. Bottled lime juice is a good natural substitute for obvious reasons. It is easily available at local grocery stores. Bottled Lime juice is actually a bit more acidic than natural so use less than the lime juice required. 

Black Lime

lime juice substitute

Black limes are nothing but dried limes which have turned brownish-black in colour and are brittle and flaky. Black limes are used to impart a citrusy, smoky flavour with a slight tanginess to soups and rice. The limes can be used whole by piercing several times with a knife or fork and cooked in liquids for rice, in soups, stews, or tagines. They are not really going to add any flavour similar to lime juice but can still add a good tart-sweet flavour to your recipe if nothing else is available. 

Try any of these lime juice substitutes at home according to your need whenever you are out of lime juice and we’re sure you’ll not be disappointed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between lime and lemon?

Limes are small, round and green whereas lemons are mostly larger, oval-shaped and yellow in colour. They’re both citrus fruits, acidic in nature and sour in taste. Both the fruits have almost similar nutritional values. 

Do Lemons and Limes taste similar?

Both the fruits are citrus, acidic and almost similar in nutritional value but lemons have a bit sweeter, sour acidic taste whereas limes have somewhat of a bitter, sour acidic taste.

Can lemonade be used as a lime juice substitute?

Lemonade is not generally recommended to be a substitute for lime juice as it is mostly made of lemons and also contains more sugar than lemon juice. It will taste sweet in recipes and not tangy or sour like lime juice.

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