LG vs Samsung Refrigerator – Quick Comparison, 6 Best Options

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator – Which is better and Why? (Best Models in 2022)

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator! A refrigerator is one of the first products a person buys when they enter a new house and start setting up their new kitchen, right? What is a house without a refrigerator? How is someone supposed to get through summers without a refrigerator? Where will the ice cubes go? Where will I store all the veggies and fruits? So many questions! So, by now, we know, the refrigerator is IMPORTANT! 

We have a wide and wider variety of refrigerators in the market today. So many different brands, so many new features, different shapes, sizes and whatnot! 

The topmost brands in refrigerators today are LG and Samsung. They provide top-class models with every new feature available. Choosing one from both the rival brands is very hard because they provide almost similar products and the quality of both the brands is unmatched.

To make this task easy for you and to help you choose the refrigerator that suits you best, we are here with a new guide – LG vs Samsung refrigerator. 

In this guide, we will compare the top models of both brands which are almost similar and help you choose the right refrigerator for your kitchen! Here, we will compare the pros and cons; and also give our take on every refrigerator! So, let’s begin!

Samsung vs LG Refrigerators 

Samsung and LG are two of the most popular brands of home appliances in the market today.


Samsung is one of the most successful electronic brands in the world. The credit goes to their sleek products, innovation and product quality. Today, Samsung holds a huge share of the home appliance market. Samsung refrigerator will provide you with amazing design and a full package of style and quality. There is also an extra boost of new, easy features in every Samsung refrigerator.


As LG says, “Life’s Good!”, it actually makes your life good by providing you with innovative home appliances regularly. It is the only brand that can stand up to the level of Samsung when it comes to new sleek design and innovation. Lg is best known for designing features in such a way that its products are always user-friendly and of great quality. 

LG vs Samsung Door Configuration

There are generally five different door configurations in every refrigerator brand :

  • Single door refrigerator
  • French door refrigerator
  • Side-by-side refrigerator
  • Bottom Freezer refrigerator
  • Top Freezer refrigerator

Door configurations available in Samsung Refrigerators

  • Single Door
  • Side by Side
  • French Door
  • 4-Door French Door
  • 4-Door Flex – allows you to easily switch from freezer to fridge

Door configurations available in LG

  • Single Door
  • French Door
  • Side by Side Door
  • Bottom Freezer
  • Top Freezer

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator- Which is more stylish?

Which is more stylish, you say? Well, LG has an upper hand in innovation but when it comes to style and sleek design, Samsung gets the win. With its handleless fridges, Samsung gets a point in styling and designing. 

A tip – Whenever buying a home appliance, most people don’t bother about the handles but when they see the appliance in their home, it catches their eye. So, always match the handles with your room or kitchen- its colour and design!

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator – Counter Depth or Standard Depth Refrigerator?

Counter-depth Refrigerator
Standard Depth Refrigerator (Sticking Out of kitchen counter)

What is the difference between counter depth and standard or full depth refrigerators? Counter-depth refrigerators fit into your cabinets to give a finished look to your kitchen, whereas, full-depth refrigerators don’t fit into the cabinets making it hard for your kitchen to get that seamless finish.

Both the brands are innovative and keep styling, design and your convenience in mind. Therefore, both LG and Samsung provide counter depth and full depth (standard depth) refrigerators.

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator- Unique features

When we’re doing a comparison, of LG vs Samsung Refrigerator, we need to look at the unique features of both brands.

Unique features of Samsung refrigerators

Samsung’s unique features list starts with the FlexZone technology, which temporarily converts your freezer to a fridge and vice versa at the push of a button. Samsung also provides a metal cooling feature that helps to maintain a uniform temperature inside the refrigerator.

The Autofill Water Pitcher feature is very remarkable and thoughtful. With the pitcher, you can blend your fruits or brew cold tea into your drinking water. What’s more? It automatically fills up once you take some water from it, ensuring you don’t run out of cold valuable drinking water.

Unique features of LG refrigerators

In LG vs Samsung refrigerator review, LG is a more innovative brand so it has many unique features. These include the Smart Diagnosis, LoDecibel Operation, and the InstaView door-in-door design. The InstaView door-in-door has a glass panel that lights up the inside of the fridge with two quick knocks. The feature allows you to see the inside of the refrigerator without opening it.

High-end LG refrigerators also produce spherical Craft Ice, unlike Samsung refrigerators, which are engineered to last longer than normal ice before melting. These 2-inch diameter spheres of crystal clear ice will take your cocktail game to a higher level.

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator- Shelving and Storage

Now, shelving and storage always depend on the model you choose and not the brand. Both the brands come in various sizes and storage options with different shelving ways, everything depending on the model. Each brand has options that offer any convenient shelving and storage options suitable for you.

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator- Wifi Connectivity Options

When it comes to wifi connectivity in Samsung vs LG refrigerator, each brand offers models which have wifi connectivity available. Models with wifi connectivity are usually high-end and come at premium prices. Though both the brands have models with wifi connectivity, LG has more options in this very feature. More LG models give wifi connectivity options than Samsung.

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator – Cooling Systems

LG has various cooling methods including standard multi airflow cooling system, linear cooling, innovative cooling, smart cooling, door cooling and their signature FRESHShield Cooling.

Whereas, Samsung has the Twin cooling system, Twin cooling plus and Triple cooling.

Before ending our comparison, we will list our favourite LG and Samsung refrigerators for you that are available in the market today. There is a variety in our list; from single to double doors and from normal to high-end prices and features, we’ve selected one from every range. 

LG 190L 5 Star Direct-Cool Smart Inverter Single Door Refrigerator (GL-D201ASPZ, Scarlet Plumeria, Base stand with drawer)

Our first take on LG vs Samsung refrigerator is this Single Door LG Refrigerator. It comes in the colour ‘Scarlet Plumeria’. The capacity is 190L and it comes with a Freezer-on-top type of configuration. 

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator
LG Single Door Refrigerator

Features :

  • Direct Cool, Single Door Refrigerator- Economical and stylish
  • Capacity- 190 litres: Suitable for 2 to 3 members | Freezer capacity: 22.5L, Fresh food capacity: 167.5L
  • Energy Rating 5 Star: Best in class efficiency
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 104 Kwh
  • Smart inverter compressor: Energy efficient, silent operation & more durable
  • Shelf Type: Toughened Glass with Frame | No. of Shelf: 2
  • The base stand with Drawer for additional space for non-refrigerated food items (Potato and Onion)

Samsung 192 L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RR19A241BGS/NL, Grey Silver)

The competitor of LG 190L Single Door Refrigerator is the Samsung 192L Single door refrigerator. It comes in a very stylish Grey-Silver colour and has an amazing finish. The configuration is freezer-on-top and it is our take for LG vs Samsung refrigerator list due to the following features.

Samsung Single Door Refrigerator

Features :

  • Single door, Direct Cool refrigerator, Economical and cooling without fluctuation
  • Capacity: 192L – suitable for 2 to 3 members
  • Energy Rating: 2 star
  • Shelf Type: Spillproof tough Glass | Number of shelves: 2
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 203 Kwh 
  • Freezer Capacity: 25 L, Refrigerator fresh food capacity: 167L

Comparison- LG vs Samsung Refrigerator (Single Door)

LG RefrigeratorSamsung Refrigerator
Capacity190 L192 L
Energy efficiency rating5 Star2 Star
Annual energy consumption104 Kwh203 Kwh
Shelf type, Number of shelvesTough Glass, 2Tough Glass, 2
Defrost SystemDirect CoolDirect Cool
Door Type, Door orientationSingle Door, LeftSingle Door, Left
Special FeaturesBase Stand with Drawer, Fastest Ice Making,
Smart Connect, Works without Stabilizer (90~310V), Solar Connect, Smart Inverter Compressor
Fresh room, Stablizer free operation
(Voltage range 130V – 290V), Stylish crown design, Big Bottle Guard
Price on Amazon17,390/-13,190/-

LG 260L 3 Star Smart Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-I292RPZX, Shiny Steel, Door Cooling+)

In Double Door category, LG 260L 3 star Smart Inverter Refrigerator is an amazing catch. It comes with a shiny steel finish, full sized freezer-on-top configuration and the capacity is great for a double door refrigerator at this price.

LG double door refrigerator


  • Energy Efficiency : 3 star
  • Capacity : 260 L
  • Annual Energy Consumption : 198 Kwh
  • Colour : Shiny Steel
  • Freezer capacity : 75L
  • Fresh food storage capacity : 185L
  • Shelf type, Number of Shelves : Trimless tempered glass, 3

Samsung 253 L 3 Star with Inverter Double Door Refrigerator (RT28A3453S8/HL, Elegant Inox)

This Double Door Samsung refrigerator comes in league with LG Double Door Refrigerator. It has 3 star energy efficiency and costs a bit less than the LG double door refrigerator.

Samsung double door refrigerator


  • Energy Efficiency : 3 star
  • Capacity : 253 L
  • Annual Energy Consumption : 193 Kwh
  • Colour : Elegant Inox
  • Freezer capacity : 69L
  • Fresh food storage capacity : 184L
  • Shelf type, Number of Shelves : Spillproof toughened glass, 3

Comparison- LG vs Samsung Refrigerator (Double Door)

LG RefrigeratorSamsung Refrigerator
Capacity260 L253 L
Energy efficiency rating3 Star3 Star
Annual energy consumption198 Kwh193 Kwh
Shelf type, Number of shelvesTempered Glass, 3Spil proof toughened Glass, 3
Defrost SystemAutomaticAutomatic
Door Type, Door orientationDouble Door, LeftDouble door, Reversible
Special Features‎Humidity Control, Smart Inverter Compressor, Smart Connect, Jet Ice, Anti-Bacterial gasket‎Digital Inverter Compressor, Interior LED Light, Cool Pack, No Frost, Easy Slide Shelves
Price On Amazon25,090/-24,290/-

LG 595L with Inverter and Wi-Fi Side-by-Side Refrigerator (GC-M22FAGPL, Linen White)

Now is the time for high-end LG vs Samsung Refrigerator! From LG comes LG 595L Side-by-Side refrigerator which looks lavish and has it all! Let’s get to it’s features without further ado!

LG French Door Refrigerator


  • French Door Side by Side Frost Free Refrigerator
  • Auto Defrost function
  • 595 ltr. Capacity: suitable for 5 or more members | freezer capacity: 250L, fresh food capacity: 345L
  • Inverter Linear Compressor – Uniform Cooling Anytime | Energy efficient, less noise & more durable
  • Shelf type: Tempered glass, No. of shelves: 02, drawers: 2 (refrigerators), 6 (freezer)
  • Sensors , Child Lock, Express Freezing, LED Interior Lamp , Deodorizer, Twist – Tray type Icemaker
  • LG ThinQ (Wi-Fi) connectivity available

Samsung 580 L Inverter Frost-Free French Door Side-by-Side Refrigerator (RF57A5032S9/TL, Refined Inox, Convertible)

The competitor of high-end LG refrigerator in LG vs Samsung Refrigerator league is Samsung 580 L Refrigerator. With it’s beautiful look and colour, it is also one of the best premium refrigerators in the market.

Samsung French Door Refrigerator


  • Side by Side Frost Free Refrigerator with auto-defrost function to prevent ice build-up
  • Capacity 580 liters: suitable for families with 5 or more members.
  • Freezer capacity : 199L, fresh food capacity : 381 L
  • Digital Inverter Compressor – Energy efficient, less noise & more durable
  • Twin Cooling Plus
  • French Door Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Convertible Freezer

Comparison- LG vs Samsung Refrigerator (French Door)

LG RefrigeratorSamsung Refrigerator
Energy Efficiency2 Star4 Star
Capacity595 L580 L
Annual energy consumption220 watts250 Kwh
Shelf type, Number of shelvesGlass, 2Spil proof toughened Glass, 2
Defrost SystemAutomaticAutomatic
Door Type, Door orientationFrench Door Side-by-Side, ReversibleFrench Door Side-by-Side, Left
Special Features‎‎Inverter Linear Compressor, LG ThinQ (Wi-Fi), Door-in-Door, DoorCooling+, Hygiene Fresh+Digital Inverter Compressor – Energy efficient, less noise & more durable, Twin Cooling Plus
Price On Amazon1,24,690/-67,990/-


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In conclusion, when it comes to choosing between LG and Samsung refrigerators, both brands offer exceptional options with a wide array of features. Whether you opt for LG or Samsung, you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of smart kitchen appliances. To enhance your experience further, ensure a seamless connection with reliable internet services that empower your smart appliances to perform at their best.


Which is better – LG vs Samsung refrigerator french door?

Both the brands provide amazing products when it comes to high-end french door refrigerators. In our favorite french door section, LG provides a 2 star refrigerator with wifi connectivity whereas samsung provides a 4 star refrigerator with a convertible freezer.

Samsung vs LG refrigerator – which is best?

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator – both the brands are best in market for home appliances. Both have almost same functionalities. LG is more innovative whereas Samsung leads in Design. Samsung uses digital inverter technology and LG uses linear compressor technology. Depending on your need and affordability, you may compare both the brands.

What are the advantages of Samsung or LG refrigerators?

Due to LG’s linear compressor technology, food is fresh for longer time. They produce spherical craft ice which lasts longer than Samsung. Samsung refrigerators are mostly more spacious than LG. Samsung also uses a technology which can convert freezer to fridge and vice versa.

Hope our guide to LG vs Samsung refrigerator helps you choose the best refrigerator for your kitchen! Also, check Best 4 burner gas stove in India.

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