How To Clean Kadai At Home In 7 Easy Ways

“How to clean Kadai?” is a very common question that we get asked, and with this article, we’re gonna try to answer it in 7 easy steps. Now we know that cooking is a soul-enhancing process that we all love to do, right? But this process requires a lot of steps like pre-cooking preparation, then the actual cooking, followed by the last one as the post-cooking deeds.

Every step of this requires a bare minimum amount of effort that makes the whole thing complete except the last one, the post cooking process which is really a headache and none of us like that part much. the biggest headache is CLEANING UTENSILS! And the worst is cleaning those big utensils filled with oil.

One of these big and difficult utensil to clean is a Kadai. So we just rounded up 7 easy ways of ‘how to clean kadai at home’.

Well, we already said that the cleaning part of the utensils is actually the toughest part. Since we use different types of utensils like a kadai, made of basically aluminium, it gets really tough while cleaning. Well the question here that arises in everyone’s mind is how to clean kadai? Or how to remove black stains from kadai? Or how to clean burnt kadai? Or how to clean aluminium kadai?

All these questions are quite common that we’ve come across from a lot of readers for which we’ve come with 7 easiest ways for you to know how to clean kadai at home. Following these ways will help you to get over the post-cooking deeds trauma; hence cleaning of the utensils will be easily done. Let’s get ahead with those.

1. How to clean kadai Using none other than! Baking Soda

how to clean kadai
Baking soda

Home remedies are a savior from long ago and saving us from all the questions like how to clean kadai? Or how to clean aluminium kadai? Or how to clean burnt kadai? Or how to remove black stains from kadai? We’re surely answering all of your questions with ease and relief.

And the holy grail for all these questions is in our very kitchen! Baking Soda! Let’s straight up get to the steps using the baking soda for cleaning.


  • Pour some warm water on the kadai.
  • Add a tablespoon of baking soda and mix it.
  • Keep it on the kadai for 2-3 minutes.
  • Scrub and start cleaning after that, the stains and oil will come out easily.

So, next time whenever you’re thinking about How to clean kadai, go to your kitchen and staright away look for baking soda!

2. How to clean kadai Using Lemon Juice

how to clean kadai
Using Lemon to clean a kadai

The second best home remedy for answering the questions of how to clean kadai? Or how to clean aluminium kadai? Or how to clean burnt kadai? Or how to remove black stains from kadai? is using simply lemon juice, which is available in every household kitchen. Besides adding that uniques sour taste to your food, lemon is something which is also used in most of the DIYs of cleaning stains from utensils, clothes or even if it’s a DIY on skincare, you’re surely going to find a DIY which uses lemon. It has amazing utility. Let’s get ahead with the steps of using it properly.


  • Take two slices of lemon.
  • Heat the lemon slices with a small amount of water in the kadai itself for 2-3 minutes.
  • Turn off the gas after heating it, and keep it at rest for the next 5-6 minutes for cooling down.
  • Start rubbing the kadai with the lemon slices, you will notice that the grease or burnt parts are coming out easily.

Hope the next time you think about how to clean kadai, you try these steps with lemon and see the magic!

3. How to clean kadai Using Aluminum Foil

Using aluminium to clean a kadai

Another hack, hence home remedial hack that will help you with answers of how to clean kadai? Or how to remove black stains from kadai? Or how to clean aluminium kadai? Or how to clean burnt kadai? This part of the hack requires aluminium foil. Yes you read it right. It’s that foil which we use to pack our food. It is best suited to clean a burnt iron kadai. An aluminium foil will help you clean this burnt iron kadai very effortlessly. Lets see how it helps.


  • Pour a few drops of liquid soap on the kadai.
  • Add water and mix the soap properly.
  • Take a foil sheet and crumble it in the shape of a ball.
  • Now, scrub the ball with the soap water, you will notice the stubborn stains and oil or grease coming out easily.

4. How to clean Kadai using salt, our all time savior

Yes! you read that right. You can wipe away the black residue on your kadai with nothing but salt and it would do wonders as well! Salt is a powerful abrasive which will clean out the black stain without damaing the seasoning of your kadai.


  • Take a quarter of salt and rub it over the bottom of the kadai. Use an oily paper towel to do so. using an oily paper towel.
  • You need to vigorously rub the salt to scour away all the excess residue that might be on the kadai.
  • Continue scouring till there is no burnt food residue coming out on the paper towel.
Using salt to clean a kadai

5. Using a mixture of Detergent Powder and salt

A mixture of Detergent Powder and Salt also works amazingly on those stubborn stains! Thinking about how to clean kadai with detergent in a few easy steps? Let’s see!

Steps :

  • Add some water to the kadai, sprinkle about 1 tsp of salt, and 2 tsp of detergent powder.
  • You can also squeeze in some lemon juice.
  • Let this water come to boil for 5 minutes. You will notice that the dirt starts peeling off gradually.
  • Drain the water and scrub the kadai with a mixture of detergent powder and baking soda.
  • Wash the kadai with warm water and see the results yourself! 

6. Use that Aged Wine

Yes, Yes, Yes! That’s correct. You can also use that Rich Wine in your bar to clean an old stained kadai in your kitchen! We swear you won’t have to use alot and it will leave you astonished like it does with it’s amazing taste. The steps are as easy as it gets.

Steps :

  • Pour some wine over the kadai if you have stains on the bottom.
  • Let the wine rest for some time
  • Drain the wine and you will see that the stains start to disappear.

7. Layer the kadai with Tomato Ketchup

Ever thought tomato ketchup would be an answer to your age old Question on how to clean kadai? Well, it is and this is because tomatoes are acidic in nature. This acid helps remove the burns or the stains of the kadai. Here are the simple steps of cleaning a kadai using Tomato Ketchup.

Steps :

Layer the tomato ketchup on the stains

Let the ketchup sit overnight. Next morning, your kadai will look shiny and new.

Apart from all these very easy hacks, there’s this one hack that will always come handy and will also save you lots of time and energy and that is :

Always wash your kadai as soon as you use it. Pour water in it when it’s not very hot, let the water sit for some time and then wash it ASAP. This will not let any oily residue stay in the kadai and it will make things easier for you!

Feel free to check this Video to help further with your Question “How to clean kadai?”


So, now you can get over the stress of cleaning the stubborn and tough stains and burnt part of your kadai. With these easiest and quickest ways you have got all the answers of how to clean kadai? Or how to clean aluminium kadai? Or how to clean burnt kadai? Or how to remove black stains from kadai? Go wipe away the traumatic stains from your kadai and mind and keep yourself at rest!

Hope Our Guide on How to Clean Kadai At Home In 7 Easy Ways helped you and you will go ahead and help your fellow kitchen Enthusiasts with it!

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Should I use a metal utensil scrubber to clean a kadai?

A metal utensil scrubber damages your utensils and is very harsh on your hands as well. A better option is pouring water into the kadai and letting it be for some time before cleaning it with a regular scrubber.

Does vinegar damage stainless steel kadai?

You should never leave stainless steel to soak in solutions which contain vinegar, chlorine, or table salt for a long time as long-term exposure to these can damage the stainless steel.

Why does the stainless steel kadai turn black?

The oxide layer is what’s making your stainless steel Kadai turn black. Chemicals like bleach, salt or chlorine can endanger the stainless steel and discolour them.


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