butcher paper vs parchment paper

Butcher Paper vs Parchment Paper: Know All About Their Differences And Uses

Butcher paper vs Parchment paper, is yet another common but frequently asked question. In the kitchen, we often try to find substitutes for stuff that we might not have at the moment. Like we might use circle shaped mold for cookies rather than a star one.

Even though the shape of the cookies might not make a huge difference. But the paper you would use to bake, wrap or cook might make a difference in Okie-Dokie dish and outstanding dish.

Cooking requires many tools, ingredients, gadgets, and methods to get that perfect flavored dish on the table. Knowing which tool or ingredient should be used when and where is necessary. Getting that wrong could ruin your dish and your mood. Not we wouldn’t want that, would we?

So, to save your perfect-to-be dishes and your precious mood, from ruining due to the wrong use of your tools. We are presenting this write-up where you will find all the possible facts, tips, and how-tos about butcher paper vs parchment paper.

Keep reading to know about butcher paper vs parchment paper, their uses, differences, and what they are.

Butcher paper vs Parchment paper

What Is Butcher Paper?

In this article, where we will be talking about butcher paper vs parchment paper, let’s first see what is butcher paper?

If you are a non-vegan, then you definitely would have used or heard of butcher paper. Even if you are not, you might have used it to wrap sandwiches or bagels.

Don’t worry if you have never heard of or used it, or you don’t know what this paper is. Then before going into butcher paper vs parchment paper, let us look at our first kind of paper.

Butcher paper, as the name suggests was a paper-type product, originally designed and used by butchers to wrap meat. It is a thick, heavy-duty kind of kraft paper particularly used to wrap meat and fish.

The main purpose of this kind of paper is to protect the meat from flavor contamination and airborne contaminants. It is very durable and strong, which makes it perfect for wrapping meat and fish. It prevents blood from dripping and also allows meat to breathe, preventing the meat to go soggy.

Butcher paper vs Parchment paper
Butcher Paper

How Is Butcher Paper Used?

In butcher paper vs parchment paper, while talking of butcher paper, it may seem that butcher paper has only one sole purpose, wrapping meat and preventing it from contamination.

Though this is maybe the primary use of butcher paper, butcher paper does have several more uses. Not only butcher paper is used to wrap meat, but is also used to wrap other food items, such as sandwiches, bagels, etc.

It is sold in large rolls, so it can be torn at the right and required length. They are available in different colors to suit the needs of the user. It is also used in craft projects in schools or art classes. 

Now let’s move to the parchment paper in our article on butcher paper vs parchment paper.

What Is Parchment Paper?

Different kinds of paper such as butcher paper vs parchment paper, wax paper, and freezer paper are often found in experts’ kitchens. These papers have different properties and use according to their paper qualities and manufacturing.

Parchment paper is the second paper in our article on butcher paper vs parchment paper. It is a thin paper in comparison to butcher paper. And it comes in two forms: bleached and unbleached.

Bleached paper is when the paper is treated with chlorine and gains its white-colored appearance. Whereas unbleached paper is not treated with chlorine, hence paper is brown.

Parchment paper is the paper mostly used while cooking. Unlike butcher paper, it can withstand high temperatures. So, the parchment paper is safe to be used in ovens and for baking.

Butcher paper vs Parchment paper
Parchment Paper

How Is Parchment Paper Used?

As mentioned before, many cooking techniques require the use of parchment paper. It is used to line the cooking utensil to get a non-sticky surface, instead of greasing the utensil. 

It is coated with silicone to make them heat-resistant and non-stick. It is the most versatile tool used in the kitchen on countertops and baking sheets.

The most common use of parchment paper is lining the baking sheets, to keep the cake from sticking to the pan. It can also be used to keep the baked goods from sticking to each other or frosting smearing. Just put a small piece of the paper between each layer of the baked items in the box.

You can also use parchment paper to create a piping cornet for icing in case you do not have one at your hand. The stiffness of paper will work in favor of holding the frosting without any leakage, for small or detailed work on writing and decorating.

Although parchment paper is not an ideal choice for freezing. The lack of coating on the paper makes it difficult to hold moisture in place. And therefore not recommended.

Butcher Paper vs Parchment Paper

Even though it is clear that both papers are used in the kitchen for various cooking, baking, and wrapping methods. They both have differences that set them apart. In butcher paper vs parchment paper, we will see the difference between these two papers and also their similarities and uses.

The first difference comes with what the papers are manufactured with. Butcher paper uses paper pulp, sulfide, and caustic soda, while parchment paper uses only sulfuric acid and in a few cases silicone and paper pulp.

The next difference is the thickness of the papers. The butcher paper is thicker than the parchment paper. For heavy-duty work butcher paper is recommended over parchment paper. As the former is sturdier than the latter. And hence preferred for wrapping meat.

Now comes the difference in the surfaces of the papers. Parchment paper has non-stick surface because of its silicone coating, unlike butcher paper which has no such coating.

Now, none of the above paper must be confused with wax paper. Wax paper containes coating of paraffin wax, which melts under heat. Hence not recommended for cooking use.

Butcher paper vs parchment paper has one more difference. Butcher is used for meat wrapping as it allow food to breath, whereas parchment lock moisture in not allowing any to escape.


In butcher paper vs parchment paper, we have mentioned what butcher and parchment papers are and their differences and uses. Butcher paper, specifically for meat, and parchment paper for baking kind of food.

We hope that you will find the above mentioned facts to your use. Please also check out lime juice substitute to continue to know substitutes for food, beverages and tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I substitute parchment paper for butcher paper?

Parchment paper is a good substitute for butcher paper. It is lightweight, strong and flexible. Make perfect for wrapping up food items such as sandwiches and rolls. Or it can also be used for lining baking pans.

Is butcher paper the same as parchment paper for sublimation?

No, absolutely not. Butcher paper does not hold the moisture in. While parchment paper lock the moisture in, it does not releases anything. So, it’s better not to use parchment paper for sublimation.

Can I bake with butcher paper?

Butcher paper can be used for cooking and also for smoking meat. But do make sure to buy proper quality paper for cooking.


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