6 Coffees to buy in India that will Make your Day Heavenly

Doing late-night group study or binging Netflix, had a long day at work or college? Coffee is the savior!

The light caramelized, almost nutty smell of coffee beans and a strong godly sip of coffee can turn the laziest day into the most heavenly fresh one. Searching coffees to buy in India can be tough but not now.

Coffee needs to be natural and fresh to make you feel alive. The plantation process and quality of coffee beans matter the most. Some of the other factors that might pop into coffee lovers’ minds are flavor- bitterness, sweetness, and aftertaste; its thickness or heaviness; acidity- aftertaste of the coffee; and aroma of brewed coffee.

Wouldn’t it be heavenly if you find the perfect coffee according to your taste? Here are some selective and wisely chosen coffees to buy in India which are easily available on Amazon India for coffee lovers like you.

1. Country Bean Instant Coffee Powder

country bean
Country Bean Instant Coffee Powder

If you want to experience a cafe-like coffee at home with a delicious hazelnut flavor, then this is the one for you. Also, it is available in many other flavors. The brand ensures 100% purity, and it is super smooth, easy to make, and enjoyable, either hot or cold—handpicked flavors with no added sugar to make every sip of it delightful for you. While making, no machines are required but just milk and sugar to have a fantastic taste. 

The package size is 60g, and it can instantly be served hot/cold. The flavor is sweet and expressive, and this product is entirely vegetarian


  •  Pure coffee powder
  •  Flavoring, Contains added natural and nature identical flavour.

2. Seven Beans – URUBAGE South Indian Filter Coffee Powder 

South Indian Filter Coffee Powder 
Seven Beans – URUBAGE South Indian Filter Coffee Powder

This is a pouch of coffee that contains coffee roasted from beans that are closely chosen from the Urubage Estate located in the foothills of Chikmagalur. Dark Roast is the flavor of this coffee because the level of its roasting is dark roasted. 

The product is a mixture of 80% coffee and 20% chicory, making it a traditional solid filter coffee with a rich, intense flavor and aroma. Again, this is also a vegetarian option.


  • Coffee 
  • Chicory

3. Sleepy Owl Dark Roast Coffee

Owl Dark Roast Coffee
Sleepy Owl Dark Roast Coffee

For those who love the strong, intense taste of coffee, this is also the one for you. This dark roasted coffee is a form of ground coffee and is allergen-free. 250 Grams is the weight of the product and comes in pouched packages.

A cup of this coffee would have a deep chocolate flavor of its beans. A nicely balanced flavor is why this product could be best for you. This coffee is appropriate to use for V60, Aeropress, and Drip Machine. You can check out these amazing coffee makers to make your own perfect coffee.

Another specialty is their product packaging which is 100% recyclable and sustainable, made with paper, aluminum, and no plastic.


  • 100% Arabica Coffee

4. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters Silver Oak Cafe Blend

Roasters Silver Oak Cafe Blend
Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters Silver Oak Cafe Blend

The lovers of Espresso and medium roast coffee, we have something in store for you too! 

The specialty here is the Silver Oak Cafe Blend Medium Roast arabica coffee. It contains washed and unwashed coffees to create a balanced profile that works well in Espresso based drinks as well as in manual brews. 

Instead of sticking to one roast category, they provide you with four different types- Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark. With the large variety that they are providing you, brewing has been made easy. This is a vegetarian product suitable for everyone. The coffee is produced in the regions of Karnataka.

Tasting Notes: 

  • Hazelnut
  • Honey 
  • Grapes

Roast Level: Medium

5. Rage Coffee 50 GMS Creme Caramel Flavoured Coffee

 Creme Caramel Flavoured Coffee
Rage Coffee 50 GMS Creme Caramel Flavoured Coffee

This is an exceptional coffee that is made with Ethiopian Arabica Beans Infused with Natural Vitamins. It is smooth and sweet with no preservatives, additives, sugar, and artificial colors. Weight is said to be 50g, and the package type is a glass bottle. And, the ingredient type is Vegetarian only. 

For vegans, this product can be something to count on, and it is gluten-free. It is a form of a sustained burst of energy. The quality of natural flavoring is high to provide the best experience. 

“Keeps you fuelled all day long. Enhanced athletic performance, Heightened cognitive function & a sustained burst of energy

Thoughtfully designed for your convenience as shots in Tubes,” says Bharat Sethi, Co-Founder & CEO of this brand. 

6. Black Reaper – Camden Blend

Black Reaper - Camden Blend
Black Reaper – Camden Blend

This one is for the coffee drinkers who prefer dark roasted beans and have a flavor of rich dark chocolate balanced with notes of toffee, caramel, and nutty aftertaste.

The features state that this coffee is strong enough to make you feel super fresh. It tastes smooth and clean but has a bold taste, low acidity, and gourmet quality which means it is strong black coffee but not unpleasant in taste. And the beans are roasted freshly and manually


  •  100% Ground coffee beans


Coffee makes everything better and brighter. So, to not miss the best experiences of coffees, these are your go-to options because the variety and freshness make it irresistible not to try and take a sip. Here’s a list of some other great coffee recommendations.


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