A Beginner’s Guide to Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware

For ages, Cast iron cookware has held a special place in the kitchen due to its outstanding qualities. In this blog, we will look at the importance of cast iron cookware and the secret behind its enduring popularity throughout the history of mankind.

Perfect for both seasons chef and novice cook, this beginner’s guide intends to provide valuable insights for using and maintaining it.

It has an exceptional heat retention property and even heat distribution which makes it versatile for cooking endeavours. So grab your tea as we will help you harness the full potential of cast iron in your culinary endeavours. Get ready to unlock the secrets and upraise your cooking experience. 

Take a closer look at this comprehensive beginner’s guide to cast iron cookware.

Cast Iron CookwareMaterialIs Oven Safe?Product CareNon-Stick CoatingCapacityCompatible With
The Indus Valley Super Smooth Cast Iron Cookware SetCast IronNoHand washNaturally Non-StickN/AGas, Induction
CountryCook Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frying PanCast IronNoHand washNo2.75 litresGas, Induction, electric coil
Wonderchef Forza Cast-Iron CasseroleCast IronNoHand washNaturally Non-Stick4.7 litresGas, Induction
Hawkins Futura Cast Iron KadhaiCast IronYesHand washYes2 litresSmooth Surface Induction, Gas, Smooth Surface Non-Induction, Electric Coil
CountryCook Pre-Seasoned Cast IronCast IronYesHand washYes3 litresSmooth Surface Induction, Gas

Advantages of Cast Iron Cookware

One reason that cast iron cookware is a favourite among chefs and home cooks is that it offers countless advantages.

  1. Heat Retention: The consistent cooking results from it are due to its superior heat retention property and even heat distribution.
  2. Seamless Transition: It can seamlessly transit between stovetop, oven, and grill, accommodating various cooking methods.
  3. Durability: It can withstand time due to its long lifespan and durability.
  4. Non-Stick: Without a coating of Teflon, cast iron bears a natural non-stick property when properly seasoned.
  5. Nutrition: Moreover, it imparts a trace amount of iron in the food making it super nutritious and healthy.

Types of Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware comes in a range of versatile options such as skillets, dutch ovens, grill pans, etc. Sillets a.k.a frying pans are ideal for frying, and searing, whereas Dutch ovens are perfect for baking, stewing, and braising. It has exceptional heat retention properties.

Grill pans have ridges that impart attractive grill marks and offer delicious flavours. Other cast cookware includes griddles, muffin pans, and more. All these possess an elegant design, excellent heat retention properties, even heat distribution, and durability.

The Indus Valley Super Smooth Cast Iron Cookware Set

Cast iron cookware


  • 100% Natural Cookware
  • Enriches food with iron
  • Naturally Non-Stick
  • Multi-Purpose Cookware
Easy To SeasonMight Not work for quick use
Even HeatingMain Flat Tawa area is thin
Non-StickRequires multiple washes to clean

The Indus Valley cookware set lets you experience the goodness of 100% natural cookware. It is free from harmful chemical coatings and is completely food-safe. Along with ensuring a healthy cooking experience, it enriches the meals with iron, preventing anaemia.

Say goodbye to food-sticking issues with its natural non-stick surface. The cookware is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil which adds a distinct flavour to your dishes and makes them extra flavourful. As it lasts for decades, it saves you time, resources, and money.

CountryCook Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frying Pan

Cast iron cookware


  • Precision Heat Distribution
  • Durability
  • Lifetime Warranty
Best for Curries PreparationMight get scratches
Solid and Sturdy FeelBecomes Rusty after first use
Easy to use and maintainGet Sticky after first use

The cast iron cookware from Country Cook lets you experience timeless elegance and exceptional performance. It features a sleek black appearance and has a capacity of 2.75 litres. This cookware is compatible with cooktops like induction, has, and electric coil.

It is composed of solid and premium steel and iron which boasts lifelong durability and exceptional heat distribution. The pan is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil and ensures a non-stick surface without harmful chemicals.

Integrated with traditional and modern cooking needs, country cooks iron cookware is popularly known for its ability to impart your meals with healthy iron. The cookware requires gentle hand washing to preserve its quality and it comes with a silicone handle.

Wonderchef Forza Cast-Iron Casserole

Cast iron cookware


  • Even heat distribution
  • Pre-seasoned interior and exterior
  • Heavy lid seals in moisture
  • Make tender, succulent dishes
  • Best for Biryanis, Dum, Koftas and Curries
Good quality and Budget friendlyHeavy to handle
Safe to useRequires frequent seasoning
Good ConductivityCatches Rust easily

It is pre-seasoned with plant oil on the inside and outside, allowing your meals to come in direct contact with iron and boosting your iron intake. The heavy lid of this cookware locks in moisture and results in flavorful dishes.

Compatible with gas and induction cooktops, this versatile cookware is oven, grill, and freezer safe. Elevate your culinary experience with Wonderchef’s cast iron cookware.

The remarkable black round cookware from Wonderchef allows one to discover exceptional cooking prowess. The cookware has a capacity of 4.7 litres and is composed of heavy cast iron. Whether you are cooking biryani, Dum, koftas, or curries, the cookware ensures even heat distribution.

Hawkins Futura Cast Iron Kadhai

Cast iron cookware


  • No artificial coating
  • Retains heat well
  • Extra thick base
  • Pre-seasoned
Best for high-heat cookingHeavy o handle
Best for high-heat cookingTakes time to heat and cool down

The Hawkins exceptional cast iron cookware has a capacity of 2 litres and a non-stick surface. The food is healthy, tasty, and crispy without the need for any coatings. Its ability to retain heat is excellent, ensures even cooking, and has high-temperature retention.

The cookware is suitable for use with metal ladles, ensuring its durability. It is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil and has the ability to resist rust with proper care. It has a thick 5 mm base that prevents food from burning or sticking. Hawkins cookware comes with faithful service and ensures nutritious meals. It is compatible with induction, gas, and electric coil devices.

CountryCook Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware


  • Durability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Foundational seasoning of 100% vegetable oil
Smooth surfaceLarge and heavy for personal use
No deformation in castingDifficult to clean and maintain
Multipurpose tawaUneven surface

CountryCook cast iron cookware, a frying pan is designed to elevate your cooking experience. It has a capacity of 3 litres and features a sleek black colour. This cast iron cookware is compatible with smooth surface induction and gas cooktops.

Composed of solid, premium steel and iron, it embodies durability and versatility. The pan is pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil, ensuring a natural and healthy nonstick surface without any harmful chemicals. Imparted with a trace amount of iron, it enriches food and promotes good health.

It has a uni-body which is free of screws or weld joints. This cookware guarantees even heat distribution and is even backed by a lifetime warranty.

Seasoning and Maintaining Cast Iron Cookware

  • Cast Iron Cookware requires regular seasoning and maintenance for its longevity and performance. In order to create a protective layer to prevent food from sticking, understanding the seasoning process is a must.
  • Regular seasoning even promotes non-stick properties.
  • Steps to be considered while seasoning new cookware include cleaning, oiling, and baking.
  • For proper cleaning and maintenance, avoid using harsh soaps. Instead, use a gentle scrub brush.
  • Additionally, ensure the drying of the cookware to prevent rusting. If anyhow rust occurs, it can be removed by re-seasoning and storing the cookware in a dry place.

Cooking Tips for Cast Iron Cookware

  • Cast iron cookware requires a few essential tips in order to master the art of cooking.
  • To prevent food from sticking, you must preheat the pan.
  • Doing so ensures even heat distribution.
  • Due to its property of heat retention, cast iron retains heat well and therefore it is crucial to control the temperature.
  • Cooking acidic food in cast iron cookware enhances the flavours, so do not mind adding tomatoes every time!
  • If well-seasoned, it prevents a metallic taste. Stick food offers multiple benefits to cast iron cookware such as preheating the pan with oil and mastering some cool flipping and stirring techniques.
  • You much allow the pan to become hot before adding ingredients to achieve the best sear.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Points must be noted for avoiding common mistakes to ensure longevity and optimal performance. Sudden changes in temperature can cause the cast iron cookware to crack. Hence, let the pan cool down after you pre-heat it.

Using harsh soaps or dishwashers can strip away the seasoned non-sticky layer, therefore it is recommended to use gentle soaps only. To avoid rust, dry the pan thoroughly and store it in a moisture-free space.


In this blog, we read about the multiple benefits cast iron cookware offers including exceptional heat retention, non-stick properties, and durability. It is compatible with devices such as induction, ovens, and cooktops.

Considering cast iron cookware can be a rewarding decision for beginners as it is know to mankind for ages. Remember to season it well before using it. With proper maintenance, your cast iron cookware will last for a lifetime, and bring forever joy to your kitchen.

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